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2 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11360

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Eyewear And Glasses Queens is happy to serve the community of Queens, NY. Our trusted and reliable eye doctors can help you update your prescriptions, address concerns about your eye health, provide pediatric optometry services for your children, and much more. Complete your visit with a stylish new pair of eyeglasses that frame your face or restock your supply of contact lenses. Our whole team is ready to help and treat you like family, visit our Queens office today! Eyewear And Glasses Queens accepts thousands of different insurance plans making visits to the eye doctor accessible and convenient for the whole family. This includes top brands like MetLife, UnitedHealthcare, and Cigna. Eyewear And Glasses Queens is now in-network with VSP® members as well. We make patient care our top priority. Blurred vision and dry eyes can make it difficult to fully appreciate the world around you, not to mention stay focused at work and school.