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  • Instagram – Why You Should Stop Doing The Follow/Unfollow Strategy right now.

    Video 8mins

    You are a business and you want to connect with your customers and you want to build trust with those people and you want them to get to know you. Then you want to them at some point to share or even buy the things that you’re offering.
    So what are you doing to actually show that you are a good, kind, ethical, and conscientious person? You are basically following as many people as possible (as you’re allowed to) and then you’re checking back every two to three days to see who hasn’t followed you back and then you are unfollowing them.

    What does that say about you and your business?


  • Phil Aston posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    Digital Marketing Tips (with Cats)
    Don’t Build Your Entire Business on one Social Media Platform

    In the last few weeks, I have seen and heard of various Instagram, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts being blocked or disabled for various reasons.

    The support these platforms give is next to zero so it can be very hard to get an account back online. As the platforms start to block third party Apps and any form of automation the social media platforms can easily mistake your activity as gaming the system.

    For example on Instagram if you like too many posts too quickly you can have your account disabled for being spammy or get asked to change your password as it will think you are using third party Apps. In fact, even logging in form from a different device or app can trigger a warning now.

    Another client came to me after their Facebook Ad Account was disabled and their page was taken down. There is no explanation when this happens and no support. The only thing we could see is that the wording on an offer was slightly different on the landing page. It could have been Facebook or a someone just reporting the Ad, that is all it takes. Facebook’s response was to delete the page and start again.
    Eventually, I was able to get the account back online but it took over 3 weeks.

    I see more and more business putting all their efforts into one platform, this is very dangerous as you are building your business on borrowed land. All it needs is the algorithm to change and your traffic could reduce dramatically. A good example is again Instagram who have now stopped showing posts in order and given more emphasis on paid Ads. The removal of likes will also have an effect on how people interact with you.

    What Should You Do?

    My advice is to keep your website updated, do not forget to share from there. If you have written a post on social media then create a blog post. It takes time but nurture your audience on several platforms, include video and ensure you invest in SEO for your website.

    Do not put your eggs (revenue streams) in one basket.

    Phil Aston
    Genius Loci Media

  • Social Media is about reaching out to people and seeing how you can help them
    (Video Transcript Below) 2 mins

    Hi, Phil Aston here from Genius Loci Media.

    Whatever you do for your online activities, be yourself. There are no quick fixes or magic buttons or a website layout that’s going to suddenly change things, or a set of magic words that’s going to manipulate people into doing something they don’t want to do.

    Try always to see the people you are trying to market to as yourself. Would you follow what you are putting out in front of them?
    Would you think it was a good deal?
    Would you think that what you are saying comes across as being trustworthy and authentic?

    Whatever you do, also don’t just keep looking over your shoulder at what other people are doing. So don’t follow, but lead.

    Be yourself, come out from behind your logo, get in front of a camera, just talk, and remember that some things that you might be doing, especially on your website or through SEO might be attracting people who are at a certain stage of your sales funnel, where they’re going to be looking for what you’re offering.

    On social, it’s different. You’re nurturing. You’re finding people that have never heard of you or haven’t even thought about your products and how it may help them.
    So you are slowly bringing them on board. Think about establishing a community, a Facebook group, not just getting people to like your posts. Chat, talk, engage. Social is all about building communities.
    You might see your website as your mothership and that everything revolves around it. That time has has gone. It is now about different avenues of getting people to pick up the phone, send you an email or send you a message.

    Some of them may come by your website, some of them may come via ja messaging app or via social.
    So you need to have everything covered, but don’t always think there’s a quick fix. Just be genuine and think about adding value and reaching out to people and seeing how you can help them.

    I hope that helps. And if you want any help at all with your online marketing, just get in touch with the information below this video and I’d be delighted to talk to you. Thank you.


    Phil Aston
    Genius Loci Media

      • Great video, Phil! Make sure to add the https:// to your website link so it’s a live link in the description. That will help with your SEO results at the least.
      • Some tips on how to keep your newsfeed positive and inspiring.

        How should you use social media to get the most out of it.

        I think there’s a lot of people who look at social media and say it’s negative, it’s bad for your mental health, and that is absolutely true, it can be.
        But it can also be a force for good for you and the people around you.

        I mean, my suggestion is that for social media, is that you follow people that inspire you, you read posts that inspire you, you follow perhaps people you might be able to learn from, you join groups that are positive and share positive information.

        If there’s anything in your news feed that upsets you or you don’t like, just unfollow it, or disconnect yourself from it.

        And the other thing is, that you probably find yourself just scrolling endlessly through other people’s lives and posts.
        Try not to do that, try and say to yourself that as you go through your news feed, try and find five posts, that you do more than just click a random like and then you can’t remember that you did that.

        Just try and find five posts where you actually say something. If it’s a photograph that you really like, why don’t you say that you really like the photograph and congratulate the person who took it?

        Or if someone shares a story and it kind of means something to you, Why don’t you comment and say how you feel?
        Why don’t you just say something nice? Remember, someone has taken the time to put together that information; taking the photograph, writing a few words; and just say something, connect.

        Social media is about being social and it doesn’t matter how big your network is, just look for the posts that inspire you, that make you smile, that help you, that you learn from, and then think about everything that you post in the same way, and think about before you press send;

        a) is this going to make someone smile?
        b) Is this going to help somebody somewhere?
        c) Is it going to inspire somebody?

        And if it doesn’t, or you don’t think it will, pause, don’t post, just do something else for a while.

        But just think about that; everything that’s in your news feed technically is under your control and if you don’t like it, unfollow it, or block it, or just disconnect from it.

        Try and fill your news feed with people that inspire you, help you, and make you feel good and that way, social media becomes social and it becomes a force for good.

        Thank you.

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