• Thank you for the amazing highlight on #LinkedIn, @spnlocal. Much appreciated.💜

  • I might be dating myself a bit by posting a video by #GunsNRose, but #NovemberRain is a classis. #music #classicrock #gnr

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    It’s what’s playng this morning.

  • Is your business worth more than a coffee & donut (or fluffy pastry)?

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    Happy Tuesday, @paulag!

  • Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year!

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    Positive Images & Stories To Brighten Your Day

  • @paulag Hello, Paula. Nice to meet you 😁. How are you and did you have a good holiday season?

  • I don’t wear labels that other people give me. You shouldn’t either. 
    As a baby, I had water on my brain. They told my parents there would be brain damage. 
    As a toddler, I drooled A LOT and they dicovered that I had a “fat tongue.”

    In grade school, I was very hyper and had a significant speech impediment. They gave me a speech therapist and told my parents and I that I may be “retarded.” 
    One of my 5th grade teachers told my parents that I may never have a “real job.” 

    In my adult life, I visited and spoke with many different therapists. Learning about yourself and talking to trained professionals when you need to is never a bad idea. 
    I have been told that I have PTSD, manic bi-polar depression, and anxiety, which makes me an elite sleeper for weeks at a time. 
    I have taken more test than the average person. I have ranged from elite genius to below average, depending on the day and the test. One therapist fired me as a client because he wanted to follow me on LinkedIn. 
    I take all of this with a huge grain of salt. I take almost everything in life with a grain of salt. 
    The only thing that I really take seriously is the Golden Rule and my own personal code of conduct. 
    Whoever you are, whatever they told you about you, take it with a grain of salt.

    We all have our good days and bad days. We have our strengths and our weaknesses.

    We also have each other. 
    Let’s make the most of the last part. #strongertogether #KindnessMatters #BeConfident #OneLife #LiveIt #grow #BeHappy #BeHappy #positivevibesonly
    #letsgrowtogether #ifollowback 

  • I see a lot of people selling themselves short on a daily basis so I want to address a few points.

    You\’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. Did you know the average brain holds more info than 10 Wikipedia sites?

    Your limits are not determined by other people unless you give them the power to affect your self-worth and decisions. Don\’t give anyone the power to bring you down or put you in a box. F#$% their box.

    Do you know what holds people back most?

    There are two things that I consider to be equal, fear and complacency. We fear failing. We fear ridicule. We are wired to fear a lot of things. Use that fear as fuel for your fire. Don\’t fear failing. Fear the feeling of failing because you didn\’t go 100 mph. Fail forward and learn as you go. That old saying about what doesn\’t kill you makes you stronger is still true today.

    Tomorrow is promised to no one. Live your best life. Help others live their best life. Get things done.

    Strive to leave a positive legacy, not for ego\’s sake, so you can leave this part of the journey you made a difference for others.

    Go out and make the day yours!#SPN #entrepreneurship #jobseekers #GoldenRule

  • What’s your 2020 goals?

  • Stellar human here.  He may have hit a rough patch but he is on track help a lot of people now!

  • All Things Hiring Podcast Guest

    Super honored to have been a guest on the Kelly Robinson’s “All Things Hiring” Podcast.

    Hosted by Kelly Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Panna Knows – talking about all things hiring from one recruiter’s perspective.

    The Podcast covered…

    👉 COVID and today’s current environment
    👉 Digital Innovation & Technology
    👉 Power of LinkedIn, connecting & Networking
    👉 Careerbarn & helping others
    👉 Twitter and Twitter Chats
    👉 B2The7 solo branding & PJ career
    👉 Importance of social media and networking
    👉 My Career Plans

    🔗 Check out the Podcast and let me know your thoughts!

    All Things Hiring Podcast Guest

  • 💥At @doylebuehler recommendation, I have posted my YouTube Channel  

    Post your YouTube Channel and I will subscribe!  

    Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well 😀👍

  • Have a great weekend!

  • I could use a beach and a pina coloda. 

  • Don\’t believe every old saying! Sometimes it pays to have a little help! #LinkedIn Thanks for the love!

  • #flowtherapy | Persistence

    Persistence pays off. It really does!

    I’ve had expectations in the past of wanting to do something one time and have it be a MASSIVE success. If it wasn’t, I would get discouraged and go back to my old ways.

    My thoughts are this:

    Show up. Just merely show up. Whether it’s good, bad or ugly. As long as you are there everyday, then that shows GRIT. And, GRIT is how we turn challenges into opportunities!

    -#gatzby out

    #flowster #adflowtherapy #flowstate #mindfulness #motivationalspeaking #persistence #positivepsychology

  • Let’s get to know one another ;). 

    I’m here to genuinely connect, learn more about you and support you!

    Here are a couple things about me:

    I grew up with theatre in my blood and I love Disney!!  I’ve worked birthday parties as Elsa & Belle recently ;).  Your cheeks hurt a lot after smiling for hours on end… takes me back to my modeling days ;). (See pic below) 

    I have crocheted since I was 10 and absolutely love it!  I even have a design line with sparkly one-of-a-kind pieces ;)

    I love lizards!  I have two at the moment 💕.

    I’ ve lived all over the world, born in Switzerland.

    I lead with love in everything I do!  I don’t act on strategy, I act on what I feel called to do ✨💕.  

    My favorite thing to do is meet new people and hear their stories!  

    Ok, that’s enough for now ;).  Please share some fun and interesting things about you :).  I look forward to getting to know you better! 

    #trueconnection #whoiam #letsconnect

  • #workfromhome #makemoneyonline #careeropportunities
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    https://bit.ly/2QNko7B work from home 3

  • #creditrepair #creditscore

    The Credit Bureaus 😡are under fire for reporting inaccuracies & obsolete information! 😱😱😱
    Take advantage! This is a GREAT time of the year to remove your collections❌, inquiries❌, liens❌, student loans❌, bankruptcy❌, late payments❌ and more!


    Click the link below for more details on getting started! 💰💰

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    😁 Call Tina~ 480-586-7815


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    #ProfilePopUp #Jobs #Careers #PlusOnePledge

    • Remember you are not second class. The ones who treat you like you are, they\’re the ones who are second class.

    • Starting my own consulting company! Here\’s to trying my hand in entrepreneurship

    • Finishing up part 2 of my \”Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile\” presentations, this time focusing ways to succeed on the platform once a great profile is up.

      Also breaking it into its segments for articles on LI and other platforms.

            • @paul-whitley I\’m glad that someone thinks so highly of me lol, tell Mike that I said thank you. Also appreciate the connection request, I\’m on LinkedIn more than most places, but you can also email me here: RunningWolf1989@Gmail.com

            • 📢 Attention all #jobseekers looking for jobs and #recruiters, #employers & #hiring managers looking for new talent!

              Let’s try and help some peeps out this week! 🙌

              📌 JOB SEEKERS: leave a comment below what you are looking for, the type of position, location and follow Careerbarn for daily job listing updates. 👇

              📌 RECRUITERS/EMPLOYERS: What kind of positions do you have available…list on Careerbarn at no charge. We will also promote your openings here on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the Service Professionals Network. 👇

              📌 We are also trying to do our part by helping peeps in their job search. We are adding and promoting Remote & Work from home jobs daily on Careerbarn and we can add anyone to the “Peeps for Hire” section of our website. DM me a sentence of what you are looking for and we will add you.

            • Out of all the education we receive, the degrees we have on the wall, or our position in society; the wisdom of a good mother remains the foundation and a continual guide in this thing we call life.
              Thank God for a good Mother. 🙏🏾👆🏾🙌🏾

            • What are you doing during this time when many businesses are at a standstill?  Are you waiting around or planning your next move?  
              We are doubling down.  We are providing more information to help business owners cut through the crap and get their businesses through this.
              In addition to our weekly Business Round Table calls on Thursday at 8 am we are going to be starting our live stream show Tuesday at 3 pm Pacific time.  You can catch us on our Exit Your Way you tube channel, Facebook, and the Infinity Streamers website.

              Our first guest this week is Brad Smith.  Brad is a Business growth coach that likes to help business owners “Add a 0” to their top line revenues.  We will be discussing some of the things he sees holding businesses back and things you can do to get past them.

            • The worst thing about missing opportunities is forfeiting those you didn’t know you were considered for.


            • For those who are doing some livestreaming… I’ve set up a survey on seeing what platforms work the best for you and your business… would love your insights on what is working and what you are using. And, don’t forget – I’m running a weekly show called Livestreaming Decoded, where we talk about the platforms and what you need to look out for when you’re choosing or using.

            • Hey guys, Ryan Here spreading positivity and good vibes! Everyone out there who sees this, have an amazing Sunday! 😀🙌🙏

            • Analyze your professional and personal life, and consider what was, what is, and what you want for the future.
              After you’ve done this, ask yourself this question; Am I leveling up or settling?


            • This is a bit of a big deal for me! I\’ve promoted Malwarebytes as one of the top device security solutions for businesses for many years. I\’m happy to announce that we are now a full fledged reseller!!!

              This is one a few big security partnership announcements that I\’m super stoked to be able to start sharing!

            • Hi everyone. Please check out my profile page on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-temple-34254a167. Am always open to new connections. 😁👍

            • Today was a great day! Once again I won the award for the most closed units from a single agent for September in my office at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Star Homes.

              • Hey guys, will you check out my latest article on LinkedIn? – on \”How a Bridge Job can help you to your dream job\” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-bridge-job-your-way-dream-betty-kempa-cpc-eli-mp/

              • @nickdorsey Hi, Nick. Nice to meet you. Sorry it\’s taken so long to respond. I took time off for the holidays. If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. God bless.

                • ❝What a BANNER!❞ #ProfilePopUp #236 for #ProfilesThatPOP #jobs…
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                • A blatant display of ignorance and defiance can ruin a wealth of opportunities; don’t let this be you! To those that are out of work due to #COVID19 and are looking to hit the ground running after this is over, please read this article aimed at helping you to avoid shooting yourself in the foot! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/jobseekers-dont-shoot-yourself-foot-kurtis-tompkins-cfrw

                • Have you or someone you know struggled with ADD or ADHD? I personally have been walking through the journey of struggling with ADHD and only recently been properly diagnosed. Heather Ramirez is a YouTube influencer that through her VLOG talking about her own journey helped inspire me to go all in (ADHD struggles and ALL) on my business.

                • Covid-19: Helping People Hasn’t Been Cancelled https://dlaignite.com/covid-19-helping-people-hasnt-been-cancelled/ ==> New blog via DLA ignite

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