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    ‼IF ONLY‼
    If only I could talk to youShare my little thought of twoI’d sit so closeAnd hold your handTimes in life to understand
    If only I could speak to youSharing here as people doI’d turn aroundAnd look your wayYou and me on this day
    If only I could hold you closeEmbrace upon and imposeI’d rest my handUpon your headChase away all the dread
    If only I could let you knowWithin the time it takes to growI’d take my fingersAnd trace your tearsFor I have learned through the years
    If only I could hear your speechMy mind bestows and brain impeach I’d listen wellFor what you missAnd fill your silence with a kiss
    If only I could tell you nowBefore you leave and manage howWithout you hereWhen we’re apartMy darling dear, you’re in my heart
    “It does a world of goodWhen you do what you should”#Opism