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Fractional CFO that helps businesses grow exponentially – Technology, Operations CRM Coach, Mentor & Servant LeadershipFractional CFO that helps businesses grow exponentially – Technology, Operations CRM Coach, Mentor & Servant Leadership

My goal is to help you achieve yours… … would you benefit from having a proven, principle-based fractional finance and operations team player?

I am a strategic Fractional CFO that helps businesses grow exponentially and a Transformational Technology Leader with extensive experience in creative problem solving, operations management, coaching, mentoring and training. I’m a Servant Leader with a real passion for helping both large and small companies’ setup and implement financial, operational and digital transformation initiatives that improve processes, reduce expense and drive bottom-line profits….

• FINANCIAL PLANNING & ANALYSIS: Achieved growth in a retail and manufacturing furniture company of $6M to $181M, 4 to 71 locations with 1,200 employees through progressive responsibilities of CFO/COO/CMO/GM.

• TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Created and implemented innovative technical POS, ERP and CRM systems to lead team collaboration in customer-centric service, call center, pricing, and problem resolution increasing in the first year, revenue from $32M to $50 Million and net profit from $770 Thousand to $4.7M.

• SALES & MARKETING: Improved sales by 38% in a Consumer Services Company in the first year with same level of inbound calls while reducing support payrolls by 22%, providing Shared Services with aggressive Lean Management initiatives supporting sales scripts.

• BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Produced $1.6B in Funds Employed averaging over $100M+ annually for 15 years in Asset Based, Real Estate and Cash Flow loans. Achieved annual ROI’s ranging from 22% to 30%.

J and I have been married 46 years, 3 children, 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren and the ‘Boss’, Mini-Schnauzer, Mr. Roger Hobbs Jr. Avid musician/trumpet player

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☎ (214) 477-6039
Email: mail@pwhitley.com
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