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    Let’s get so excited about our day so much that we want to leap for joy! Who feels like they wish they had more time in the day to get things done?  Well, why not create that time? 

    Here are some tips and tricks to get your body used to waking up earlier and giving us more time in our day! 💖

    -Make a list of the things you want to accomplish the next day 
    -Write on a post-it one thing you’re excited about tomorrow and put it where you can see it when you wake up!
    -Set a bed time for yourself and read 30 minutes before.
    -Prep the stuff you need for the next morning

    -Start small with 15 minute increments, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every day until you get to your desired wake up time 💕
    -DO NOT hit the snooze button 😂.  You’re only cheating yourself!  
    -JUMP out of bed, I’m not kidding ;).
    -Drink cold water
    -Meditate 💫 even if it’s for 5 minutes it will get you in the proper mindset for the day 💖

    Last but not least applaud yourself for doing these things and choosing you!  You’re choosing to take little steps towards creating more time in your day for you to get things accomplished.  This will lead to less rushed moments and in turn less stress! 

    Now go SPARKLE!! Spread Positivity Abundance Respect Kindness Love 

    • This is so odd because I gave myself a bedtime for the first time in my adult life earlier today. I also told someone earlier today to write a list of 7 positive things about them so they could put it on their bedstand. I use that list myself. The cold water is also big for me! Thanks, Nicole!!

      • I’m so glad you got something out of my post!  All I have to say is great minds think alike ;).  I love my fruit-infused water bottle!  I don’t drink any other beverages anymore.  You might want to try it?  Have a great day Mike! 

    • great point.. may I add one?  Remember to turn off when the business day is done.  My phone goes on the charger at a specific time and only gets touched if family or friends call.

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