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Nicole Crowley




Prospect heights, IL

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Hi beautiful souls, I’m so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful network of incredible people!

I empower people to embrace their self-mastery and self-healing capabilities as an Emotional Resonance Clearing (ERC) practitioner and using a quantum frequency energy healing device called the Healy!  Self-mastery is unique to each individual and I love helping my clients discover what works best for them!

Anytime we have emotions and don’t address them or push them down they stagnate in our organs and tissues.  These stagnant and stuck emotions manifest as certain pathologies which present themselves in your life.

One piece of what I do as an ERC practitioner is I help you uncover the patterns in your life that are creating these pathologies and really dive in and clear them for you.

ERC is based on a 4,000+ year old Daoist theory called the 5-element theory  which  states that the universe is comprised of 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and that we have each of these within us.  As an ERC practitioner I also use neuro-linguistic programming, naturopathic support and meridian energy clearing to help bring my clients into elemental balance and truly alchemize their element.

Each element is connected to certain emotions and holds a specific super power.  I help diagnose and bring people into their elemental balance allowing them to access the super power that lies within the spirit of each element.

Superpowers such as truly knowing yourself, cultivating ideas and bringing them to fruition, knowing what is for you, knowing what to let go of, trusting yourself and knowing your true lifes path.

This work is incredibly life-changing and goes hand-in-hand with the Healy device as I use the Healy.  Both the Healy and ERC help you discover the underlying patterns that lead to unpleasant manifestations in your life – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Healy balances your individual bioenergetic field, in turn enhancing your own self-healing capability.  The unique thing about the Healy is that it analyzes your individual bioenergetic field and then customized frequencies to you.

It has 144,000 frequencies, 120 programs, analysis functionality, imprint functionality and so much more!  It is a wearable medical device that not only delivers microcurrents to your cell membrane voltage, but can also access the active information before it gets to the cell, as well as vibrate frequencies to yourself or others at a distance.

I am on a life-long journey of self-mastery and as such am also currently diving into getting certified as a Wealth Alchemy practitioner and Akashic record reader.  I also use sound healing, crystals, EFT and my intuitive abilities to support my clients on their journey to discovering the power and magic within them.  Everything that I do involves SPARKLE – Spreading Positivity Abundance Respect Kindness Love Everywhere.

In addition to being an ERC practitioner and frequency specialist I have also co-authored the book “Decoding The Wellness Mantra” and will be launching “Find Your Self Care Superpower” and “Find Your Frequency Superpower” this February.

My personal testimonial from working with both 5-element theory and the Healy is incredible and I look forward to connecting with each of you to share a little of my story and to learn yours!

My favorite thing is making genuine connections and friends and growing together!