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Just a go getting, hard working, wife and mom, trying to achieve the american dream!
I’m an independent market partner for Monat, an anti-aging hair and skincare company, and an independent hairstylist. I’ve been helping people look and feel better for a while now! Recently, I moved up to an Influencer with Monat due to the success of my team.

I am always glad to help more women and men getting into the industry become successful! My company is always hiring and my team is always glad to welcome to members!

We’re always looking for fun, kind, motivated people to join our team!

If you or anyone who know uses and appreciates safe, non-toxic, effective hair and or skincare, you’re good to go!

My personal goal is to help everyone I can achieve whatever it is about themselves that will help them live a happier, healthier life, with fabulous hair and skin, of course!

Contact me with any questions that you may have about skincare, hair, or becoming a marketing partner for Monat!

Here is my Monat Influencer link:

I’m also looking to grow my network on LinkedIn, especially in the Chicagoland area. I will not mark anyone as SPAM or IDK so send me an invite today! #LetsGrowTogether #SPN #ProjectHelpYouGrow