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    #Monat by the numbers(with Huge Momentum and Success!)In the first 4 days of 2021…we added 20,000 New VIPS! (Thanks amazing flash sale )In December 2020, over 7000 Market Partner Ranks happened! That’s A LOT of promotions!Over 7000 people qualified for Vegas Reunion 2021, myself included.Over 4000 people qualified for the Passport Payout. That’s over $6M in payouts. The trip was canceled, so they paid out instead! 1495 Emerging Founders in total 1374 Motor Club Members BEEP BEEP! I’m one promotion away #MONAT grew by over $400M USD in Revenue in 2020 (a very small list of companies in the WORLD doing that well in 2020.)These are the FACTS and I’m proud to be a part of a company Inspiring, Innovating, Supporting and Caring for our Teams, Customers and Communities. I’m excited to be continuing on this amazing journey in 2021. As of the first, I’m eligible for SMART START BONUSES again! Like when I first started You want in on this?! Let’s chat!#entrepreneurship #SPN #Networking #AmazingHair #WinWin #MonatHair #MyMonat

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