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Ben Ampil

About Me

Neuroscience Solutions for Business Success / International Speaker / NLP Corporate Trainer / BPO Peak Performance Coach
NCR – National Capital Region, Philippines

If you don’t manage your Mind, you won’t be able to manage your Behavior…

Reality is subjective.

Cross your arms.

You would notice that you would always place one arm (either your Right or your Left) over the other. Now try doing it the other way around and you would find doing this simple task rather challenging! This is an example of your Unconscious Behavior. (The same goes for similar tasks like “tying your shoes” and “putting on your pants”).

We become anxious when our Phone runs on low battery or when we couldn’t find a reliable wifi connection. Yet we do not devote time to understanding how our Brain works… so we instead find ourselves “running low on battery power” (and encounter challenges in meeting our goals) and “unable to get reliable connections” (with other people).

The adult Human Brain weighs only about 3 pounds… yet it determines Who we are and How we behave.

Clearly Training & Organizational Development should be based on tools and concepts that involve the workings of the Brain, which Traditional Training does not.

I provide interesting & relevant Behavioral Training using NeuroScience & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I am US-Certified in both. So you could be assured of the quality and validity of Content and Delivery.

These time-tested & globally-accepted technologies explain How & Why we act the way we do. It has proven to be superior over “Traditional Training” methodologies which focus on our Conscious Behavior & Cognitive Reasoning.

On the Functional Level, these bring enhanced results in all the areas of Leadership & Management concerns.


The Success Formula is:

“Science + Management Theory + Extensive Corporate Experience”

Why take chances with anything less?

Let’s talk…


I am an open networker on SPN & LinkedIn so please feel free to connect anytime.

You can also learn more about me on my website here: http://www.benampil.com/