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  • 3 new landing pages describing our creative services! So happy to finally put them all together! 
    Want to learn what we do at Brandman Design Co? Check our capabilities!

    We craft brand identities

    and the rest of our services.
    I would love to hear your insights both about the content on the pages as well as our services in general. Cheers!

  • Alright, so here we are with the BrickStone Brewing branding!

    It took some time to prepare this project\’s presentation, but we\’re finally done.

    The scope of the project includes:
    – Brand Research & Strategy
    – Brand & Product Naming
    – Brand Identity System
    – Print Collateral
    – Packaging Design
    – Merchandise Design

    A few words about the brand:

    BrickStone is a craft microbrewing business prepared to launch in Q3 2020, in San Diego, Ca. The real men\’s cave, offering not only a quality beverage but also a place where every man can spend time with other beer enthusiasts, and have a conversation with other alpha males.

    Even though their product is preparing for a retail adventure, the location itself is a place for men only. So sorry ladies…

    Our job in this assignment was to help him make this dream come true. BrickStone desired to look masculine and bold and speak confidently to men. We wanted to create a real story to attract the most demanded beer enthusiasts and connect them.

    Full project presentation on our website:

  • I had recently a pleasure talking with a friend of mine about networking. Check this video with some LinkedIn tips guys!

  • @overtakedigital Thanks for connecting Chris! Nice to meet you

  • I think there is a time to share helpful content but there are also different ways to provide value.

    If you have some time and want to read something different, please have a look at the case study of my branding project for Yucatan Brewing Co.

    Indeed it is a self-initiated project so both the client and their challenge are created by me, but maybe some parts of it – some solutions I suggest for positioning and launch process, might bring you an idea for how to elevate your business.

    Even though it is a food and beverage related company – craft brewery, you can use it as a base to check how your brand identity reflects your brand attributes and speaks to your customers, regardless of the industry you operate in.

    I would love to hear if you\’ve found something useful there.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with branding or marketing.


  • Marcin Rzymek posted an update 6 months ago

    All right dear entrepreneurs, here I am with a bomb for you!

    Are you tired of looking for the reason why your marketing and sales efforts don\’t pay back?

    Did you think about why it is happening?

    There are many answers to this question, but I suggest starting from asking yourself:

    – \”Is my brand shaped properly?\”

    Maybe your customers aren\’t sure about the value you provide?

    Maybe they prefer your competitor\’s products and services cause they seems less risky?

    That\’s why I\’ve prepared for you this Brand Strategy Worksheet.

    Simple, short, 18 pages .pdf document with the questions that help you determine:

    – Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    – Mision
    – Reason to Exist
    – Values
    – Competitive Analysis
    -Brand Promise
    -Brand Attributes
    -Customer Profiles
    -Product/Service Positioning

    I hope you will find it useful. Would love to answer any questions you might have.


  • Hi Nick! Thanks for connecting with me! Nice to see you here as well. I was advised to join and share some of my insights about branding and marketing so here I am! I hope to provide you guys with some value.
    • Do you know that creating customer profiles can help you leverage your business?


      I have collected my thoughts and advice about it in this article.

      I hope it might bring you some value.

      Do you use customer profiles? Drop a comment below and tag someone who might need to read it too!

      There is also a customer profile template I have prepared for you to download (as help to make this process smoother and easier).

      Creating customer profiles as the best way to understand your clients!

    • I\’m kinda jealous when reading about all those business meet-ups happening in the United States. Yes sure, we have those in Poland as well, but as I work mostly with US clients I haven\’t attended any here yet. Maybe it\’s an idea. Why not try.

      But for those of you who take time to meet with other professionals, I have written an article about business cards. A short piece of content explaining do we really need them, what business cards should include, and how to print yours without leaving your home or office.

      Even though we live in a digital era, those small pieces of paper still help us improve the impression of our person after an interesting conversation.

      What should I include on a bu​sines​s card and how to get them printed?

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      Thanks for the warm welcome! Nice to be a part! :)

    • Marcin Rzymek posted a new activity comment 6 months, 1 week ago

      So glad to be a part of this community Mike! Thanks for the support!

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