How Can I Change My Spectrum Router WiFi Password?

Spectrum router is one of the popularly known routers and is easy to connect because it identifies all the internet settings. But several times, users face the difficulties such as– how do I log into my spectrum router and the steps to change the password. If you want to know about the sign-in process and the changing password, follow the steps mentioned hereby below in this article. 

Step-by-Step Breakdowns to Change Spectrum Router WiFi Password

  • At the first step, launch the web browser and enter the IP address in the address bar
  • After that, you have to log-in to your account by using both the username and password. 
  • If you have forgotten the password, you have to click on the Forgot password option.
  • Now, tap on the Services option available at the top of the window.
  • Under the Services tab, choose the Internet
  • Now, hit on the Manage Network
  • Enter the updated password and save it. 

We assume that after going through these steps, you can change your password, and if you want to know about Spectrum WiFi router red light, then it happens when the internet connection is not proper, and the first thing you have to do is to establish and maintain the good internet connection, and this you can do by going through these steps

  • Firstly, you have to reset your modem 
  • After resetting it, check the cables and connections
  • Press and release the button after 20 seconds

Hope So! These steps are helpful for you to resolve your issue quickly. 

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