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Protect Environmental Services-Admin/Resource Mgr-Hazardous Materials Cleanup & Disposal 24-7 Services 817-589-9005 #DFW.

Protect Environmental Services, Inc., is your best-in-class “clutch” performer when you need a First Responder. We tackle and remediate the most dangerous chemical spills and removal of hazardous waste. In fact, our pursuit of safety and response time in the face of environmental sustainability surpasses ALL other environmental service companies.I’m a proud team member at Protect Environmental Services, Inc. If we are your go-to performer, consider me PESI’s “utility player”. I help with everything from customer service to dispatching emergency cleanup crews. I keep my finger on the pulse of all of our teams to make sure they all come home safely. I also make sure all of our clients are beyond satisfied with our restoration of clean-up areas.We have been rapidly responding to all emergency environmental calls in the North Central Texas area since 1996 from our Dallas and Fort Worth offices. Our professional service and responsiveness have earned respect and loyalty from our clients, insurance companies, adjusters, spill coordinators, and regulatory agencies. That’s no short order. We are humbled and grateful for the recognition.We offer a number of services including emergency response, disposal, equipment, and remediation services. Our dependable, fully-trained and OSHA-certified response crews can respond to any hazardous and non-hazardous incidents; 24-7-365 around the clock year-round.Specialties include:
???? Environmental Awareness???? Recycling???? Environmental Science???? Environmental Compliance???? Waste Management???? Environmental Consulting???? Project Management???? Environmental Impact Assessment???? Hazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials Cleanup & Disposal: 24-Hour Emergency Services Company in Dallas & Fort Worth ????Call Now! (817) 589-9005