• I might as well just give you my business card (instead of connecting no LinkedIn). The ultimate answer to networking: Open or Closed network.

    So many people talk about networking but so few have their network actually open. They are afraid! Reasons vary from “My clients will be stolen”, “my competition will see who I talk to”, to “suppliers will find end-clients”, and much more.

    👉 First of all, you have to be pretty desperate go find clients in someone else’s connection list.
    👉Secondly, if people search and find someone who is a connection of yours, you will show up as a possible contact (even if you closed your network).
    👉Finally, if you post content for your target audience, your competition will see it anyway!

    So if you only have my business card, you will never know who I know that could be of use to you! So open up your network!

  • Great you have built a network (500+ and more), but are you really keeping them warm?

    What is your plan to keep your whole network close and warm?

    👎 Writing long-form articles on LinkedIn? -> no longer an option in view of the algorithm
    👎 Status updates? -> Can you really beat the algorithm to get to all your connections

    My plan:
    🚀 Use notifications to start and maintain conversations
    🚀 Send a LinkedIn message to every connection at least once a year

    What is your magic trick?