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    Are you 🔥 up, or what?!

    Well, you should be! Why?

    I’m giving away a remarkable FREE gift that has everything to do with helping to protect your legacy!😮🎁

    What is it? Drum 🥁 roll please:

    It’s a Healthcare Document Set, which includes Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives! 👏🏻🎉

    Just scroll down on the home page and watch the 3 minute video to access my 🎁 to you & your family!

    Then, share the website with others whom you feel would benefit from the 🎁 and content within the website.

    Thanks so much for all your support in sharing this post and getting the word out to others! 🙌🏻

    It’s my great honor to give back and to serve you. 🙏🏻

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  • Leaving a legacy.

    Q: What is one of the best ways to NOT leave a proper legacy behind after you are gone?

    A: Procrastination.

    Humans, by nature, have a tendency to keep putting things off… until it’s too late. “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Or, “we can just do that next year”.

    Much of the time, people procrastinate because they are not properly educated and/or informed about the knowledge they need to protect their legacy.

    That is why I do these presentations & seminars… for free.

    I’m here to serve. I truly care about others. I’m tired of seeing people get taken advantage of, by those who don’t have their best interests at heart.

    We want people to be EMPOWERED with the knowledge & tools they need to protect their estate & avoid probate.

    In doing so, they are able to pass on a powerful legacy, leaving their loved ones with positive memories about them.

    The assets, possessions & heirlooms; the entire estate, is passed on in a simple & painless fashion in FULL to their families & heirs.

    Take action to protect & secure your legacy TODAY!

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    • Reality may be harsh, but the reality is that social media is just NOT for everyone! (Looks of shock, despair & disbelief)

      It\’s true. One of my most successful mentors & friends does not have or utilize a single, social account. Many consider him to be super intelligent. I\’m truly honored to learn from & know him.

      Well, is he too \’old\’ for social, Caleb? Nope. We all know that seniors are actively using social media accounts these days.

      Is he just too busy for it? Nope. Truth is, he CHOOSES not to. His reasons are his own & it has not hindered his personal success in any capacity. He\’s not the only one I know who isn\’t actively engaged on social.

      Like $, social media is a tool which can be used to one\’s benefit or detriment; for good, or for evil. For promotion of hatred, or for promotion of love.

      We each have personal priorities in our lives. I believe that should help to set our compass as we use social media. Some of us are single. Some of us have families. Regardless, it comes down to proper prioritization.

      I saw a recent interview of a friend who left social after growing a large, successful following. As a husband & father, his life had come to a crossroad and he had to make a CHOICE.

      He made the decision to delete his account. The result?

      To be continued…

      Read the entire, controversial article on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/reality-may-harsh-2-part-caleb-k-coy/

      • #metalpreneur #socialmedia #priority #think #learn #growth #success #family #business #finance #serve #philanthropy #passion #purpose #reality #truth #life #linkedinfam #wealth #health #marketing #branding #leadership #inspiration #gratitude #relationship #motivation #courage #influence #legacy #character #attitude
      • “The road to nowhere is paved with good intentions.”

        Where does it lead? Yep… you guessed it: Nowhereville.

        A land of disappointments, unhappiness, discontentment, lack of fulfillment & numerous missed opportunities. A place where everyone is miserable. A ‘dead end’ that will more quickly lead you to the graveyard… 💀

        At some point in every one of our lives, we need to ask ourselves this difficult, but important question: Am I on that road?

        Sometimes the warning signs are right in front of us, but we refuse to see or look at them.

        At times, it requires a complete halt; a 🛑 dead in our tracks. On other occasions, it may be a simple redirection; a slight ‘detour’ or shift in our internal compass.

        We each have an inner-witness, a voice inside the depths of our hearts, desperately trying to guide us in the right direction.

        If we wish to avoid the road to nowhere, we must LISTEN TO IT. Then, we must FOLLOW IT!🔑

        It requires getting still & quiet, then getting up & taking massive action with faith. I can assure you that if you will do that, your ♥️ will not lead you astray!!

        – With love & compassion, Caleb

      • I’m smiling because my clients had just left this boardroom, smiling & happy!

        What started out as an ‘appointment’ with three strangers, ended with us laughing & talking about core values & faith; personal things.

        Trust was being established. Walls came down.

        These folks came to the realization that I wasn’t just there to acquire a transaction, but I was there to truly serve them & to build a meaningful relationship.

        This is at the heart of real business in the real 🌎 we live in.

        You can pretend all you want, but if you don’t legitimately care about helping & serving other human beings; whether they buy from you or not, you’re missing the bigger picture! 😳🤔🔑

        It’s all about the legacy we leave behind. We help our clients to do that & do it properly.

        When was the last time you made a client smile through a life-changing transaction?

        Are you thinking about your clients legacy when you do business with them?

        What kind of legacy are you leaving for your own spouse, family & children?

        Have you thought ahead for potential, unexpected life-altering scenarios?

        Have you properly planned & prepared in advance?

        Money & mortality are sensitive topics, but they MUST be addressed.

        If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then best reach out to me ASAP! 😃🙏🏻

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              Sounds good, Mike! Much appreciated, bro!

              • Just wanted to say \’thank you\’ to Mike O\’Connor for inviting and adding me to this network! I look forward to networking with many wonderful folks here.

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