• Matthew Lopez-Kronicz posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    What do I know?
    I used to think I needed to know everything.

    And if I didn’t know it, fake it and make them believe that I did.

    Never allow them to know you really had no clue. Say yes when you should ask questions or say no.

    If you do not say yes they will never want you. Why keep around someone that is going to ask questions or tell them no.

    What is your worth if you cannot say yes? All the time.

    For twelve years I worked in retail management. Constantly in fear of losing my job. Of waking up one day to be told “We figured out what you have been doing, and we realize you know nothing. You are fired”

    The funny part of this is that I didn’t think I was worth anything. But I also wanted more than I was given. The desire of more didn’t push me anywhere though.

    I didn’t have the correct lenses to my life that I could do anything.

    When you are young people tell you that you are capable of anything. When you grow older you lose sight of those thoughts. You think you are trapped in the world that you live in.

    You are never trapped.

    • I empathize with you @mattlopezkronicz. I know the feeling. I have experienced low self-esteem and low self-worth practically all of my life as I have lived in a codependent domestic household. The past few years, I have told myself that I am the Michelangelo of my Own Life and that the David I am sculpting is me. I daily work on myself and become the change as Gandhi says. The outer reflects the inner. You are worthy. Sometimes it takes a while before we acknowledge our true worth. Be true to YOU. Keep Shining!