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    Do you know how long the average attention span is in 2020?
    Will that number go up next year or will it go down?

    I could not find the data for 2020 but five years ago the Technical University of Denmark suggested our attention had dropped from a whopping 12 seconds in the year 2000 to around 8.5 seconds in 2015.

    It can’t be much better in 2020.

    None of us needs to wonder why this is
    There are so many social networks
    Abundance of information
    Smartphone adoption
    So many media channels
    yada yada….

    I not here to argue any of this is bad for society but it’s certainly bad for your business.

    Competition is fierce for your customers’ attention.

    Most people have access to 5 devices and endless choice.

    That’s why it more vital than ever to fight for your consumers’ attention

    When using video in your marketing plans make sure it is compelling, make sure it hooks in first few second.

    Improve your chances of getting your message across.

    How does your business cope with combat shortening attention spans? Let me know in the comments

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