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Top 5 Animals Fit to be Emotional Support Animals – 2021 Guide

There has been rising awareness regarding mental health and people with mental difficulties are now given the additional benefits that can allow them to cope with their condition. Allowing these people to have support animals are one of those benefits. The Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are ordinary pets that accompany their human companions and help them contain their condition and guide them towards improvement. Animals are known to have a therapeutic effect on human companions with their presence and show of affection. An esa letter helps its human companions by being there when needed and indulging them in various activities both indoors and outdoors, to keep them occupied and freshen up their mind. 

Before getting into the various animals suited to be ESAs, let’s get to know a few things about the Emotional Support Animals. 

To make these pets their ESAs the person needs to have a prescription by a licensed mental health specialist, allowing the pet animal to be an ESA. For dried fruits, can dogs eat almonds? The answer is no. While they aren’t as toxic as people think. This letter should be with the ESA handler at all times, especially when he/she uses benefits from the rights provided for the ESA and the ESA parent. The benefits include:

  • Flying with your ESA in the passenger compartment, by your side. The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 allows support animals to accompany their pet parents and be with them at all times, which means traveling in the passenger cabin. Moreover, the esa letter for housing is not to be charged an additional pet fee. 
  • Living with your ESA in your residence, despite the unlawful ‘no pet’ policies. This provision allows the ESA owners to occupy their residency— a house or an apartment— without having to part away from their pet animal. Moreover, the ESA owner doesn’t have to pay any extra pet rent to the owner.

Here are some of the animals that you can have as ESA pets:


Dogs are the most numerous and the most popular pets in the United States and around the world. They are affectionate and intelligent animals that are always eager to please their owners. In dog diet plan, can dogs eat watermelon? Just like most safe human foods to share with a dog. This makes them perfect human companion, as they have been for thousands of years. There are various breeds that are fit different lifestyles of people, such as outdoorsy and athletic dogs, indoor living dogs, family dogs, etc. On top of that, they come in various sizes and different characteristics. 


Many people are more comfortable with having a cat around as they are solitary animals that don’t demand as much attention and don’t require daily exercise as dogs. Cats with their purring, their rubbing against you, and wanting to be pet makes for an amazing pet that is affectionate which doesn’t bother you with extra attention. 

Cats are well fitted for families as well as for people who spend time away from home during the day or the night. 


Rabbits are best for people who have enough time and energy to take care of their pet animals. Rabbits need daily care in terms of their grooming and diet. The rabbit also needs to have routine pet visits.

You also have to look after your pet rabbits and keep an eye on them as they are prone to digging into soft fabrics and digesting the fibers, chewing electric wires, chipping the wooden furniture. doors, and baseboards, etc. 

People who keep rabbits are usually pet parents who are either afraid of or are not comfortable around cats and dogs. Rabbits, furthermore, are popular pets amongst vegetarians and vegans. These furry animals are very very loving, good-natured, and playful.

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