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I’m a growth strategy advisor who helps entrepreneurs structure, scale, and grow their businesses for sustainable profitability.

I have an entrepreneurial background with over 20 years’ hands-on experience in Web Product Development, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, and Customer Experience. After starting and/or joining multiple Internet startups, I spent nearly 13 years leading eCommerce operations for an online retailer of music gear, where I built the systems, processes, and teams to scale the organization and developed and executed the strategies that grew sales from $40 million to $155 million in nine years.

Since then, I’ve served as COO/CPO for multiple early stage tech startups including a SaaS startup in the healthcare space and a search engine startup, whose mission is to humanize, democratize, and personalize the experience of exploring the Web.

My newest venture, Vivid Path Consulting, is focused on serving mission-driven, growth-oriented businesses. Drawing on the depth and breadth of my experience, I will help you realize your vision and goals by learning your business and developing a growth strategy using simple mental models and frameworks to help you remove obstacles and build and/or optimize systems that generate greater profitability and satisfaction.

To find out more about what I can do to help your particular business, set up a free consultation.

To find out more about who I am as a business leader and a person, read my interview on resilience, published on Medium.