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    Every Moment

    Do you mind if I ask what happened to your vision?

    I was eight, swinging a plastic sword around on my bed. I hit the light bulb above the bed, a hot piece of glass went right in my eye. Been blind in that eye ever since.

    Sorry I keep saying “what”, I lost my hearing in both ears because of an accident.

    It’s okay mam. My wife would tell you I can’t hear either.

    We used a wood-burning stove. My son threw a bag of trash in it. We did that all the time. My husband was going to burn it the night before, but got distracted.

    My son didn’t know there was a can of weed killer in the bag. I started the stove and was stirring the wood. The explosion threw me across the room. I don’t remember anything. I had serious chemical burns on my face, and lost my hearing.

    Mind if I ask what happened to your vision, sir?

    I was 11. Ran around the corner of the house. A friend was swinging around rubber hose and the metal tip hit me right in the eye. I never saw out of that eye again.

    Tom was a 5 time racquetball state champ, and an arrogant prick. He had a stroke at 50, couldn’t walk or talk for 3 years. After the stroke, you never met a nicer guy.

    Cherish every moment. You never know when a moment will change your life forever.

    Mark Branson
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