• Mark R Branson posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Mike, Appreciate what you do. my biggest challenge is juggling different social media. i write on LinkedIn and share on The Illusion Channel on Facebook, but am not active on twitter and Instagram. The thought of adding more social media and juggling it all is daunting. I joined SPN hoping to learn how to juggle. Any suggestions much appreciated

    • http://www.ifttt.com is a god send. I also follow people like @samhurley. He will tell you to master one or two, before moving onto taking on too much. A lot of what I do is automating things with widgets and other tech.

      Part of the goal with this site is giving people a platform that will help them find answers from experts on each of the main platforms. It also gives you the ability to share the content you have on other sites. So posting your LinkedIn updates and articles here can help you get more views there. Same goes with your social media channels and blogs.

      Instagram is awesome!! I use the platform along with IFTTT widgets to share content everywhere including twitter (twice with different layouts for each post), pintest (widget), Linkedin( widget that is why all my instagram go to linkedin…another backlink for the site and traffic to insta…it is building my following there).

      If you want to give me a call with specific questions that works. Also, @craigwasilchak and a few other people can help you with social media management too.

      @troy with Discover County Network can help with online advertising too. That can help solve a lot of branding/lead issues without the headache or a big fee too. We are all online for one reason really anyway….make more money.

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