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Mark Abraham Solomon (אברהם שלמה)




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I have about ten years sales experience in the cellular and retail industries including entrepreneurial endeavors. I have established and managed business to business and consumer sales programs for Sprint. In this role, I learned to multitask, prioritize, and utilize my creativity for problem solving with over thirty accounts. Additionally, I have owned a cellular and DSL company as well as a DVD rental store.

My determination has allowed me to become a top performer in every role I have undertaken. I am hardworking, dependable, and dedicated to client relations. I am flexible and willing to travel nationwide and to Canada.

I’m very creative and can envision, design, and produce ideas and products many years before their time. For example, I foresaw Apple iPhone in 2003 and first slider smartphone. Further, I used such insight and creativity to develop a patent for the world’s first 4G Satellite Network for mobile devices through the Frysco Project.

I’m working on a ongoing Project called The Generations a Project that will build the foundation for all my Generations from here on out so they will be able to Start their own businesses and network it as one company.

A New Adventure at Zion Nation Park, Utah.
I’m going to explore this and near by National Parks.

I loved being at Zion National Park it was #Awesome, Now I’m on another Adventure as Account Executive. Hopefully we will see each other in a meeting soon.

Well I am now a Master Agent selling Solar and setting up Offices, If you know anyone who wants to get in to Solar in San Antonio or Austin Area send them my way.

Update coming Soon!!!!! In life nothing stays the same. The best way to survive is remain flexible and Never Give up.



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