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Marga's Lil Cakes

About Me

I consider myself a jack of all trades, but I am focusing on something that makes everyone happy, including myself…cupcakes!

I’ve been cooking and baking for as long as I can remember.  It is part of who I am.  My grandmother made everything from scratch, and was an inspiration for me to do the same once I was living on my own.  I remember baking sugar cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner once when I was “between paychecks.”  Not the healthiest decision, but at least I had the knowledge and skills to do so.

My goal is to create beautiful, edible art in the form of cupcakes to share with people’s taste-buds.  Its important for cupcakes to look as amazing as they taste, so I also want to continue to improve my decorating skills and ideas.   While I may not have formal training, I do have life experience, and some delicious recipes!

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