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  • I hate feeling stuck, don’t you? Some days it doesn’t take much to feel like you’re on that freakin’ hamster wheel. Your little legs are moving fast and furious, but you’re not going anywhere.

    I can’t focus at all when I feel this way.

    Besides running away to some remote island 🏖️, how do you get unstuck?

    I keep a set of specific questions in my own stress toolbox to help me slow this wheel down. I pull them out anytime I feel myself spinning.

    Answering these questions helps me understand:
    * what I know to be true,
    * what I already have in my bucket to help me,
    * and what actions I can take.

    You can find all these questions in this episode of #MentalHealthMoment🎧.

    Have a great Monday!

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    Hope you are on the mend, Brigitte!

  • I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I am enjoying getting to know this wonderful group and learning how to use this new site!

    I am always laughing at myself thinking how much I will really get accomplished over the weekend. There’s something about a little open-ended space and breathing room that draws me in. And it doesn’t hurt that we are in the most beautiful time of the year here in South Florida! 🌞🌴

    I’m excited too because my local private practice is taking on a very interesting direction in working with members of Gen Z and young millennials. A good number of my clients are either young adults struggling with the anxiety of adult responsibilities or are parenting one of these young adults (including myself) and trying to figure out how to help them. I am finally “nicheing” down!

    I’ve been focusing much of the past two weeks on the best ways to market to both groups. It is definitely challenging me, but I’m seeing some results and that eggs me on.

    What exciting directions are happening in your business right now?

  • Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Hope your week was a productive one! Looking forward to the connection here.

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