• @spnlocal Wishing you an amazing holiday Mike! Grateful for you and SPN!

  • What are you creating today?

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      I have a large client in the Healthcare industry that we\’ve been building funnels for. So anyway I can offer insight and also maybe gain some! Thank you for allowing me to join!

    • More and more women are opening businesses in the last few years. According to Forbes, Women-owned businesses now account for 39% of all U.S. firms, employ 8% of the total private sector workforce and contribute 4.2% of total business revenues. Many of these women are making the leap from employee to owner mid-career. In fact, a large percentage of women going into business are sharing a specific expertise through coaching, online courses and professional services. In particular the coaching and online course community has grown significantly giving these women the ability to make an impact and be home. My name is Lisa and I did just that. I left my lucrative corporate job to do what I love and that’s to teach and serve. I teach people how to build world-class websites on WordPress so they can start that online business they have always dreamed of. To learn more, visit https://wordpresstowealth.com

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      Love the new look @mikeoconnor This is AWESOME! Great job!!!

    • Looking for some advice from the SPN group please! Any resources out there that would alert me when a company has decided to restructure and close a distribution center. I have a client who is getting expanding Warehouse Equipment business into liquidations. Any help, direction would be greatly appreciated!

            • @dpistulka and @crushing-b2b would be good people to speak to about this. We can also create a group page for it.
                • Thanks Mike! Maybe a group would be good. I got this site now as a shortcut on my desktop, be in more often for sure.
                • There are many regional auction companies that sell this kind of equipment. Some larger ones probably handle liquidations nationally for bigger companies. Your client may be able to establish relationships with the companies and buy large lots of equipment ahead of the auctions.
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                  Thanks Mike! Maybe a group would be good. I got this site now as a shortcut on my desktop, be in more often for sure.

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                    I like to call it \”Falling UP!\”

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                      wordpresstowealth.com Launching this fall! Learn WordPress Online312

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                    • New group for those interested in learning how to master WordPress! https://www.facebook.com/groups/wordpresscoach/. I\’d like to ask the group how often they are experiencing bugs on FB. Especially in Business Manager. I see features and buttons disappearing and reappearing. Sometimes I\’m not able to access information in ad accounts ect.. Are they developing in real time or fixing stuff in real time? Why do these things only affect certain accounts and not others? I do a lot of FB ads and telling clients \”it\’s a bug in FB\” is just lame! Anyone else experiencing a great deal of turbulence on the back end of FB? Thanks!

                    • It wasn\’t long ago when I hated my life. I was commuting to a corporate job and spent years traveling 3 weeks a month.

                      I was terrified to start my own business. I had to pay for a wedding, college loans we\’re kicking in and I had no real cash savings to speak of. At almost 50 this was really sticking my toes over the ledge.

                      But I figured I\’d swing the bat HARD and swing I did. I had no idea who my customer was or WTF I was selling (those things changed daily). The bootstrapping SUCKED.

                      I was practically working my butt off for free just to get clients.

                      Then it hit me.
                      See, that first year I forgot who I was. I lost sight of ….
                      🎸My 20 years business
                      🎸 The hours I spent teaching myself to play lead guitar
                      🎸 The thousands of dollars on books courses and training to learn what I needed to know to rise
                      🎸The year I spent taking 4 busses 3x a week to get to a class 30 miles from home
                      🎸The six years I homeschooled my kids and while running a biz
                      🎸 The selling of my brothers old shit on eBay to pay the mortgage when I was a single mom.
                      🎸 The endless and relentless pursuit to learn how to code
                      🎸 The rise in Corp life from data entry to VP
                      🎸 The person who walked on Fire at #UPW
                      🎸The girl who stayed in the house as a young kid while friends were out having a good time to master my instrument.
                      🎸The person who always stepped up and never GAVE up

                      We ALL have this list. Sit and think about how you overcame or accomplished in the past. Write it down. You\’ll be shocked. You can have what you want if you want it enough.

                      Where are things today? Trippled sales year over year, man, kids and house of my dreams and never ever forgetting who the HELL I am. (Pardon my French)
                      List your badassery below.

                      • Lisa posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

                        The secret to growing a business is to come from a place of serving instead of a mindset of sales. Serve your customers like no one else does and they will do the selling for you. Ask yourself, how can I serve today instead of what can I sell.

                      • Lisa posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

                        Gave a LinkedIn Beyond The Basics Training to a local
                        business group. Anyone interested in the digital version can email info@workbea.com

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                      New Report