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  • 2020 ended, but #covid19 has NOT!➤ 245M #jobs lost end of year alone! 3 trends & 3 steps to take NOW…

    To support #jobseekers, LinkedIn added 15 fastest-growing trends & skills in Emerging Jobs Report!

    1. Jobs for everyone, no matter your background➤
    Trends span healthcare, technology, marketing, frontline & sales roles – many don’t require experience or 4-year degree!

    2. Skills are more important to landing opportunities➤
    Based on millions hired in 2020, LinkedIn identified the top 5 hard & soft skill courses they watched…
    & made them all free!

    3. Opportunity is more accessible➤
    Many jobs are remote, like tech & sales.

    1. Send the right signals to recruiters➤
    LinkedIn’s #OpentoWork feature shares you’re open to new opportunities #ONOO).
    LinkedIn data shows that job seekers with the photo frame are 2X more likely to hear from a recruiter!

    2. Get ready for your (virtual) closeup➤
    >50% lack confidence in #jobinterviews. LinkedIn tools prepare common questions with videos, tips & immediate feedback.

    3. Explore your career path➤
    LinkedIn’s Career Explorer shows how similar roles match & the skills needed!
    Also shows open jobs & who has them.

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    Best, Jared J. WIESE

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