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    @spnlocal2017 Hey Mike!
    Do we only get 1 link in a post here?

    • Yes. It only works well with one link in a post for several reasons. Even if you could put 52 links in a post I would think you’re missing the point.

      Every post, comment and engagement that you make on this site will affect your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) results.

      Your Username URL looks like this https://serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/members/jared-j-wiese/

      This post ends like this /members/jared-j-wiese/activity/24089/

      So each bit of activity puts jared-j-wiese further across the web. Google will pull that username and associate it with Jared J Wiese and SPN. Now, the content of the post: the words you use to describe the link as well as the link itself also become associated with Jared J Wiese and SPN, so you can currate or create all sorts of content and build your web very easily with separate posts and engagements on this platform.

      You actually have a big digital footprint with over 413k results showing for that name, which is good!

      @linkedin-coach (Alnoor) went a different by picking a username that reflects what he is trying to do. More people will search for “LinkedIn Coach” than will search for his name, but his name will now index with that term as his profile name has Alnoor in it, so he is getting the best of both worlds right now. He is going after “LinkedIn coach” while still building his personal brand/web. The more he post on here the more he will move up on Google for “LinkedIn Coach.”

      You Do “LinkedIn Lead Generation,” so that makes a way better username as it will help you index under that term. LinkedIn Lead Generation has over 237 million results….that is insane. My suggestion is change your username to “LinkedIn-Lead-Generation” then share all your YouTube videos and other content here. It’ll make a big difference in your SEM results for your site, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel and Twitter or whatever other social media links you put in your profile. That is how to build your web through SPN.

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