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    This was my 1st #ProfilePopUp (https://youtu.be/VlPU0thvRH8) for Anthony English! It’s an Android video review for Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™… showing LinkedIn tips & tricks that help, not a #teardown!

    A #ProfilePopUp started from my #3freetips article – which was a way to help others, show expertise & maybe earn business.

    I wanted this to go well, because I saw so much upside to it. People can see the value I’m offering for free, apply it themselves, and maybe pay it forward by doing something similar for someone else! A win-win-win!

    But I almost didn’t even START! See, I was afraid so I delayed… I got a brilliant idea from across the globe and didn’t commit. FEAR. DOUBT. BUSY-NESS… NOT GOOD.

    In this first video I talk about how Anthony English helped give me the nudge I needed to commit to doing #3FreeTips (which later turned into a #ProfilePopUp) daily in 2019.

    So even though I’m not big on Resolutions, they helped me with this! I committed and had it done 12/31/2018!

    Now I’m asking for your help…
    Pay it forward by 🅴🅽🅶🅰🅶🅸🅽🅶
    with a like+comment+share!

    REMEMBER: This is the just tip of the iceberg! After getting a #ProfilePopUp – Imagine working with Profiles That POP!™

    More than #ONO: You need #ProfilesThatPOP 🌟 #prospects & #jobs by ATTRACTING #leads & #recruiters

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