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    s Tis The Season an #introverts nightmare?

    It doesn’t have to be so.

    My wife hates the idea of going to events, pretending to be enthusiastic and painfully going through #smalltalk. I on the other end am happy to hop from one flower to another.

    At the Advocate! Conference couple of weeks ago, I got to use the Attendee Interactive app and creeped on who was going to be there.

    #IamAlnoor #LinkedInTips to survive these events.

    Before the party –
    Cultivate a social media presence
    Make new connections online
    Build a relationship
    Get the conversation going – this is where I see many fail
    Engage with conference-goers posts and share your thoughts = credibility

    At the party –
    Get an accountability partner to help you set a target of meeting at least two new people
    Take time off
    Be kind to yourself
    Have an exit strategy

    Yes, you too can get a job during the #holidayseason


    Remember to mingle and ask if you can meet them for a coff… NOT … #CHAI

    What else can you add my #SPN family?

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