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    The purpose in life is to make a difference.

    Making a difference means that you have lived.

    How can you use #socialmedia to do #SocialGood

    By sprinkling kindness like it’s going out of style.

    #LinkedInTips Building relationships and nurturing your network.

    “Your connections are like GOLD! Network and engage with them as often as you can.” Jeff Young shared this on his recent post.

    I listened to #TheLinkedInGuru and had #chai with Orion (the brightest #star in 🌌)

    His message aligned with my #values

    The movement of #WithoutShelter, is changing the landscape one shirt at a time by helping the unsheltered community on the streets and “hugging”

    #Leaders the model #PeopleBeforeProfit is the way to do business

    Ready to drink chai and #buildcommunity then share this message and connect


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