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    David vs Goliath

    Are you the silent stalkers on #SocialMedia, without #SwipeRight – this post isn’t about #Tinder

    Does FEAR keep you from creating content?

    This was me –

    💡Get an idea
    ✍️ Start writing, editing, trimming ..
    OH 🐿 squirrel
    Start writing something new🗒

    To tame this FEAR, #JustDoIt ✅ and be consistent.

    🔆Do 9205 followers (on LinkedIn) seem like I have a huge following? It’s subjective. Size doesn’t matter.

    🔆Do I have the ability to encourage engagement? Perhaps.

    My #Why

    Create #VALUE

    Sharing #AuthenticVoice to UPLEVEL #Career and #Life

    LinkedIn tips (Note, these work for other social media posts as well) for you to consider:

    📈Interest relevance (what does your audience want to know)
    📈Engage with others’ posts and construct back and forth with your content
    📈Be personal, share authentic stories
    📈Use hashtags, are you following #IamAlnoor #ChaiWithAlnoor on LinkedIn

    Social Media content creators stone are you David or Golaith? Have you flung a stone (to create engagement in building your brand?👇🏾

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