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    This noon I attended #CanadasEnergyCitizens for a BBQ hosted by Steve Rennick and his team Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to kick off The Calgary Stampede

    Thank you to master #networker Al for the invite.

    Jeje finds it hard to network. #linkedintips to overcome her fear of networking.

    1. Mentally plan for the event.
    2. Set up a goal – meet 2 new people and reconnect with one you know.
    3. Smile. It’s universal.
    4. Have some opening liners. For today’s event, I client to ask another person if they had been on the rally.
    5. Have a quiet #Chai moment or go for a quick little walk to recharge, as you will not bring your best self to your next commitment.
    6. Reach out to your new connections on the following day to meet up again after a couple of weeks. Look at their LinkedIn profile, send your new connections an article or a post that could benefit them.

    The key to overcoming your fears about networking is to practice a little bit every day — & to do it when you don’t need specific help. Karen #TedTalks (link 1st in comments)

    If you’re an introvert, what networking strategies have you found to overcome your fears?


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