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    LinkedIn is the largest social network for working professionals with new connections growing every second.

    These subtle changes make it so easy to network with others, sending a message (moved below #LinkedIn banner).

    My Golden #PersonalBranding #LinkedInTips

    ✔️Create a hook = share a story
    ✔️Create a storytelling background banner image. I used Canva.com
    ✔️Share your WHY in the ABOUT you section in 1st person. Who you are, what you do, what others say about you and how to contact you.
    ✔️Catchy tagline with your unique value proposition

    Contact info up to date? With the new positioning people are more likely to click.

    ✔️ Add your phone number
    ✔️ Add your email and website info

    Many make this networking mistake of connecting with only people they know.

    Brigette golden tips:
    ✔️Never network based on your current situation, but your destination
    ✔️Don’t judge someone by their job title
    ✔️You never know where the road will take you. Be open to connecting with new people. The world is your playground!

    So before you hit connect, check out their recent activity. Click on “All activity”, “Articles” and “Posts”.

    So be human #H2H build #relationships. Have virtual #ChaiWithAlnoor conversations if you aren’t in the same ZIP code.


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