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    How many times have you sent a LinkedIn invite and it got turned down? Did you know you can go into LinkedIn jail? Well it has happened to me and then I couldn’t send out invites.
    I have spoken to several recruiters and they to find it hard to accept invites that haven’t been personalized. Before smart phones it was hard to find how to personalize invites.
    This is how I recommend doing it.
    – Click on the person’s profile. Customize the invite from the person’s profile. Add the note there (PLEASE, PLEASE) always do this.
    – Use the 3 dots if you are using a cell phone/the down arrow button as well. This is when the drop down menu will appear and then send a personalized invite.
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    P.S. This has 183 views on YouTube, thousands on LinkedIn. Thank you @mikeoconnor for your suggestion to increase my YouTube reach.

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