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    I had to better understand myself so that I could understand others.
    Back in the 90’s I was suffering from #depression. My #selfesteem waned and I started to dislike myself. I began to spiral down fast. I started to use food to numb my pain.

    Thoughts of being worthless, incapable and useless were always present. I was obsessively brooding over my feelings. Getting stuck inside my head.

    #MyMentalHealth #GetLoud #EndStigma
    One person who didn’t buy into the story and challenging me to #UpSkill by taking PersonalityDimensions certification 💡moments – As a “Resourceful Orange’ I flourish in when I can be adaptable and not tied down in policy and procedures. Being able to complete jobs without being #micromanaged allowed to be #creative. My second brighter colour is the ‘Authentic Blue’; I had to look for the meaning in everything.
    Key takeaway – We aren’t in a box.

    Find ways to utilize your strenghts to give you passion in work and play. ☕️Join committee’s at work ☕️Volunteer your time
    ☕️Take up a hobby
    There are so many ways you can bring joy and #expansion. As Narmin said, “What’s stopping you?

    #IamAlnoor #Unpack #UnLearn Be #UnStoppable


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