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    How to get attention on LinkedIn without using symbols.

    Did you know that by adding the Unicode 🅰 to my name made it difficult for people to find, tag and or mention me?

    Did you know Chinese characters (your name) does not work well with the #LinkedIn #algorithms

    👎🏾These #Unicode symbols can break and do have compatibility issues. As I mentioned, the 🅰 on the desktop is red, on the mobile device is shows up a dark A.

    👎🏾 #JobSeekers are you using ‘Easy Apply’ on #LinkedIn just like the #ApplicantTrackingSystem #ATS you can’t afford to lose data or have your application rejected due to an avoidable parsing error.

    👎🏾 #Recruiter and #HR wanting to set up an #interview may reach out via #InMail these could potentially end up in the #Spam folder.

    Want to be #OhYouSoExtra #IamAlnoor

    ✅ Become a thought leader and share #LinkedInContent
    ✅ Get out of your comfort zone and add video posts
    ✅ Share links on your ‘About’ section
    ✅ Build relationships, comment on others posts and carry on the conversation

    What can you add to this 👇🏾

    Agree ✅

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