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Calgary, Alberta


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I love to have chai ☕ conversations that lead to switching on ‘THE ????’ (meaning of Alnoor) bulbs – facilitating those “aha moments” that change mindsets and open up new opportunities.

My passion is all about helping people, teams and organizations plot a roadmap from NOW to THERE and providing the tools and assistance required on this journey.

I bring LIGHT to Professional Development (Soft Skills Workshops, Maximizing LinkedIn presence or Personality Dimensions Assessments for Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Communication Skills).

“Alnoor’s presentation was outstanding. He has an amazing ability to connect with the audience. He was invited back year after year because he consistently receives outstanding evaluation scores while providing value to our audience.” – Organizer for a recent conference on ‘Resiliency & Job Search.

Need a speaker? [email protected]. Let’s have chai.

I have won awards for helping over two thousand individuals with their career journeys.

Are you feeling frustrated and lost in the world of the underemployed or unemployed? You may be a mature worker, a young professional, a seasoned professional or a new graduate.

Need a career makeover or life coaching? Let me help you optimize your professional network and select the right tools for your job search.

No-obligation consultation: [email protected] or

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Career Enjoyment Officer at Alnoor Damji Coaching and Consulting

Studied at Mount Royal University

Lives in Calgary, Alberta

From Mombasa, Kenya

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