• I bring LIGHT to Career & Life journeys. We are seeing an unprecedented rise in hashtag#MentalIllness – high Unemployment And Career Transition due to the Global Pandemic. If you find that you are struggling during this time, you are not alone. Reach out. Thank you.

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  • s Tis The Season an #introverts nightmare?

    It doesn\’t have to be so.

    My wife hates the idea of going to events, pretending to be enthusiastic and painfully going through #smalltalk. I on the other end am happy to hop from one flower to another.

    At the Advocate! Conference couple of weeks ago, I got to use the Attendee Interactive app and creeped on who was going to be there.

    #IamAlnoor #LinkedInTips to survive these events.

    Before the party –
    Cultivate a social media presence
    Make new connections online
    Build a relationship
    Get the conversation going – this is where I see many fail
    Engage with conference-goers posts and share your thoughts = credibility

    At the party –
    Get an accountability partner to help you set a target of meeting at least two new people
    Take time off
    Be kind to yourself
    Have an exit strategy

    Yes, you too can get a job during the #holidayseason


    Remember to mingle and ask if you can meet them for a coff… NOT … #CHAI

    What else can you add my #SPN family?

  • David vs Goliath

    Are you the silent stalkers on #SocialMedia, without #SwipeRight – this post isn’t about #Tinder

    Does FEAR keep you from creating content?

    This was me –

    💡Get an idea
    ✍️ Start writing, editing, trimming ..
    OH 🐿 squirrel
    Start writing something new🗒

    To tame this FEAR, #JustDoIt ✅ and be consistent.

    🔆Do 9205 followers (on LinkedIn) seem like I have a huge following? It\’s subjective. Size doesn\’t matter.

    🔆Do I have the ability to encourage engagement? Perhaps.

    My #Why

    Create #VALUE

    Sharing #AuthenticVoice to UPLEVEL #Career and #Life

    LinkedIn tips (Note, these work for other social media posts as well) for you to consider:

    📈Interest relevance (what does your audience want to know)
    📈Engage with others\’ posts and construct back and forth with your content
    📈Be personal, share authentic stories
    📈Use hashtags, are you following #IamAlnoor #ChaiWithAlnoor on LinkedIn

    Social Media content creators stone are you David or Golaith? Have you flung a stone (to create engagement in building your brand?👇🏾

  • The purpose in life is to make a difference.

    Making a difference means that you have lived.

    How can you use #socialmedia to do #SocialGood

    By sprinkling kindness like it’s going out of style.

    #LinkedInTips Building relationships and nurturing your network.

    “Your connections are like GOLD! Network and engage with them as often as you can.” Jeff Young shared this on his recent post.

    I listened to #TheLinkedInGuru and had #chai with Orion (the brightest #star in 🌌)

    His message aligned with my #values

    The movement of #WithoutShelter, is changing the landscape one shirt at a time by helping the unsheltered community on the streets and “hugging”

    #Leaders the model #PeopleBeforeProfit is the way to do business

    Ready to drink chai and #buildcommunity then share this message and connect


  • Alnoor Damji on LinkedIn: \\\”Hello LinkedIn, I\\\’d love to hear your thoughts on this beautiful video shot by none other than the extremely talented Rob Why do I start with #IamAlnoor – my name means The Light and I do love to turn on the light – the \\\’AHA\\\’ moments at that change mindsets and open up new opportunities Grateful for #mentoring tomorrow\\\’s leaders at HustleCo Workspace and adding #India Bollywood singer and #management leader Vinod bring #creativity for sharing #salestips Please hit me a DM if you are looking for any LinkedInTips. I\\\’ll be sure to give you a shoutout if your\\\’s if picked and perhaps we can have a virtual #chai call.

  • This noon I attended #CanadasEnergyCitizens for a BBQ hosted by Steve Rennick and his team Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to kick off The Calgary Stampede

    Thank you to master #networker Al for the invite.

    Jeje finds it hard to network. #linkedintips to overcome her fear of networking.

    1. Mentally plan for the event.
    2. Set up a goal – meet 2 new people and reconnect with one you know.
    3. Smile. It’s universal.
    4. Have some opening liners. For today\’s event, I client to ask another person if they had been on the rally.
    5. Have a quiet #Chai moment or go for a quick little walk to recharge, as you will not bring your best self to your next commitment.
    6. Reach out to your new connections on the following day to meet up again after a couple of weeks. Look at their LinkedIn profile, send your new connections an article or a post that could benefit them.

    The key to overcoming your fears about networking is to practice a little bit every day — & to do it when you don’t need specific help. Karen #TedTalks (link 1st in comments)

    If you’re an introvert, what networking strategies have you found to overcome your fears?


  • Each one of us can make a difference.
    Each one of us can be a change-maker.
    Each one of us can be the light 💡 that\’s the meaning of my name – Alnoor – the light that can light up somebody\’s life.

    We can start by doing small things, baby steps, micro steps to massive impact.

    This week I was recognized by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) a network of individuals who are changing the world and making a difference in lives of others.

    Their #values

    🌍 #MentalHealth

    ✅ #Genderparity


    ✅ #Worldpeace.

    🙏🏽 Michael #SPN
    🙏🏽 Richard and
    🙏🏽 Lisa

    Reach out, and connect with each other, and be a light in someone\’s life.



            • What happens when people of different faiths and #culture – #Muslim #Jewish #Sikh #Hindu #Christians #FirstNations and #LGTBQ come together?

              Share a message of #inclusion #coexist and #hope


              Meet Saima Jamal #Humanitarian latest #TedTalk speaker share her message of Anti-Hate Anti-Racism


              #Canadians celebrate #diversity and #multiculturalism, however, it is also creating a lot of tension. It is very important that we come together and solve this problem.


              Gathered at the event last night were also Calgary Police Service RCMP Foundation discuss #xenophobia and how to bring about change against hatred in all its forms.

              #IamAlnoor #SPN

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              Thank you for your support @katja-gersak. I will make sure I comment on my YouTube post and subscribe to you as well.

              • LinkedIn is the largest social network for working professionals with new connections growing every second.

                These subtle changes make it so easy to network with others, sending a message (moved below #LinkedIn banner).

                My Golden #PersonalBranding #LinkedInTips

                ✔️Create a hook = share a story
                ✔️Create a storytelling background banner image. I used Canva.com
                ✔️Share your WHY in the ABOUT you section in 1st person. Who you are, what you do, what others say about you and how to contact you.
                ✔️Catchy tagline with your unique value proposition

                Contact info up to date? With the new positioning people are more likely to click.

                ✔️ Add your phone number
                ✔️ Add your email and website info

                Many make this networking mistake of connecting with only people they know.

                Brigette golden tips:
                ✔️Never network based on your current situation, but your destination
                ✔️Don’t judge someone by their job title
                ✔️You never know where the road will take you. Be open to connecting with new people. The world is your playground!

                So before you hit connect, check out their recent activity. Click on “All activity”, “Articles” and “Posts”.

                So be human #H2H build #relationships. Have virtual #ChaiWithAlnoor conversations if you aren’t in the same ZIP code.


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                I agree! @mikeoconnor energy is contagious. I am glad he delivers it with a side of Being Authentic and True.

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                  Thank you kind sir. Glad to be part of your network @jpaul

                  • How many times have you sent a LinkedIn invite and it got turned down? Did you know you can go into LinkedIn jail? Well it has happened to me and then I couldn\’t send out invites.
                    I have spoken to several recruiters and they to find it hard to accept invites that haven\’t been personalized. Before smart phones it was hard to find how to personalize invites.
                    This is how I recommend doing it.
                    – Click on the person\’s profile. Customize the invite from the person\’s profile. Add the note there (PLEASE, PLEASE) always do this.
                    – Use the 3 dots if you are using a cell phone/the down arrow button as well. This is when the drop down menu will appear and then send a personalized invite.
                    If you like this video; please do like and share with your network.
                    P.S. This has 183 views on YouTube, thousands on LinkedIn. Thank you @mikeoconnor for your suggestion to increase my YouTube reach.

                  • My world opened up to possibilities, blessings and hope. Thank you @mikeoconnor for bringing incredible connections with you post on LinkedIn.
                    If we haven’t connected yet … #StartTheCar and let’s connect.
                    Thank you @Cheryl Randall for connecting with me and sending me this incredible quote,
                    \”🦋”It takes courage to grow up, and become who you really are..”~E.E.C.🦋\”
                    #SPN #WinWin

                  • I am excited to share I will be delivering Your Authentic Voice – Social Media for your Professional Branding & Presence for career growth.

                    In these sessions, I will launch an authentic personal branding blueprint for professionals, in which:

                    Personal disruption
                    Personal integrity
                    Personal innovation and using your
                    Personal voice for #storytelling to #LevelUp

                    #Career #Salesleads #Uplearn – use your #Why
                    #Connecting and Engaging
                    #Content strategy
                    #Collaborate for the win

                    Thank you The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) for the invitation to deliver these workshops to build personal brands for professional growth and #leadership.

                    Note: These sessions are also open to the public. (registration link in comments)

                    Where are you feeling stuck right now in terms of business growth?

                    Call #IamAlnoor

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                    My pleasure @mikeoconnor

                    • Alnoor Damji posted a new activity comment 2 years, 1 month ago

                      Thank you kind sir. You have made a huge impact on my life these past couple weeks @mikeoconnor deeply humbled and grateful

                      • #OwnThePodium

                        #Bravo #TorontoRaptors dethrone #Warriors to win the National Basketball Association (NBA) first championship for a #Canadian 🇨🇦 since 1993

                        Initial score #111 – symbol of spiritual awakening – providing you with the opportunity to determine what your purpose in life is?

                        The #Raptors 4 P’s to win this game.

                        Let this be your #Spirtual awakening for your career.

                        The same 4 P’s are important for #JobSearch

                        🏀 Practice – Think of 2 stories for each competency, practice a #MockInterview with a #careercoach

                        🏀 Persistence – There are many #JobSeekers looking for jobs. Keep applying using tools #JobScan to make sure you have the right #Keywords Use #LinkedInEasyApply
                        and reach out to your #network for #InformationalInterview

                        🏀 Patience – many people looking for work are beginning to lose their patience and begin to doubt themselves. It takes time.

                        🏀 People – Need to have a #NavBhatia behind you to support you. Check out Brett #RollCall (link in comments).

                        “It’s a dream come true … for 21 years I never missed a game … to see the All-Star Game happen in the city is amazing,” says Nav

                        Thank you for the #Feels Tim Hortons for #inspirational restoring #FaithInHumanity video

                        This is why #Canada is special. #Diversity #Culture


                      • Sharing my story of #adversity and rising like a phoenix brings me much joy. We can all rewrite the chapters to our story.

                        Not a dry eye in the room!

                        Ending with an uplifting song sung by the participants to end the presentation and a standing ovation.

                        Need a speaker? Reach out!


                      • I had to better understand myself so that I could understand others.
                        Back in the 90\’s I was suffering from #depression. My #selfesteem waned and I started to dislike myself. I began to spiral down fast. I started to use food to numb my pain.

                        Thoughts of being worthless, incapable and useless were always present. I was obsessively brooding over my feelings. Getting stuck inside my head.

                        #MyMentalHealth #GetLoud #EndStigma
                        One person who didn\’t buy into the story and challenging me to #UpSkill by taking PersonalityDimensions certification 💡moments – As a \”Resourceful Orange\’ I flourish in when I can be adaptable and not tied down in policy and procedures. Being able to complete jobs without being #micromanaged allowed to be #creative. My second brighter colour is the \’Authentic Blue\’; I had to look for the meaning in everything.
                        Key takeaway – We aren\’t in a box.

                        Find ways to utilize your strenghts to give you passion in work and play. ☕️Join committee\’s at work ☕️Volunteer your time
                        ☕️Take up a hobby
                        There are so many ways you can bring joy and #expansion. As Narmin said, \”What\’s stopping you?

                        #IamAlnoor #Unpack #UnLearn Be #UnStoppable


                      • Want to get high?

                        #Gorgeous day to take in a #hike @Fishcreek park – Waldon #Calgary #Yyc
                        Enough of the excuses, just get out even if it is for 20 minutes.
                        What you get from a 20 minute fast paced hike is amazing #mentalhealth benefits.
                        Wooh I feel good, Nana Nana Nana.
                        Amp up the fun by listening to tunes. Today’s #throwbackThursday was by @Hit107 in #Edmonton. Thanks for the #dancing while hiking.
                        Even the gray skies, massive rain clouds and lightning strikes could not bring me down from this high.


                      • Interviewed by the one and only @Caroline Cares Fernandes

                        I am sharing my personal experiences around Speaking up and providing tools that we can access to fully bring ourselves into the light!

                            • How to get attention on LinkedIn without using symbols.

                              Did you know that by adding the Unicode 🅰 to my name made it difficult for people to find, tag and or mention me?

                              Did you know Chinese characters (your name) does not work well with the #LinkedIn #algorithms

                              👎🏾These #Unicode symbols can break and do have compatibility issues. As I mentioned, the 🅰 on the desktop is red, on the mobile device is shows up a dark A.

                              👎🏾 #JobSeekers are you using ‘Easy Apply’ on #LinkedIn just like the #ApplicantTrackingSystem #ATS you can’t afford to lose data or have your application rejected due to an avoidable parsing error.

                              👎🏾 #Recruiter and #HR wanting to set up an #interview may reach out via #InMail these could potentially end up in the #Spam folder.

                              Want to be #OhYouSoExtra #IamAlnoor

                              ✅ Become a thought leader and share #LinkedInContent
                              ✅ Get out of your comfort zone and add video posts
                              ✅ Share links on your ‘About’ section
                              ✅ Build relationships, comment on others posts and carry on the conversation

                              What can you add to this 👇🏾

                              Agree ✅

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                              Dude, you are so kind!

                              • Are you living someone’s perfect life?

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                                    Thank you kind sir! Perseverance Patience Purpose People (to lift me up like you @mikeoconnor

                                    • Alnoor Damji posted a new activity comment 2 years, 2 months ago

                                      Thank you for your warm welcome. I am still learning this site. Be awesome!

                                      • Here is my most recent LinkedIn article: Career Fair Hacks.


                                        #LinkedInArticles Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!!