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Tackling mental health concerns isn’t an easy discussion to have, especially if you are unsure who you can talk to for help. Sometimes, even our friends, family, and peers aren’t the ones who are ready to give us the support we need. Unfortunately, sometimes even those we are close to still attach stigma, judgment, and prejudice to the idea of mental health concerns. Therefore, the fear of judgment might be part of the reason why some of us hesitate to share these issues with other people, which, unfortunately, can worsen the situation.

Here at Life resolutions Essendon psychology clinic in Melbourne, we aim to provide the kind of environment you need, that is safe and comfortable enough for you to open up and share with our psychologists. Likewise, our team will use the insight you’ve provided to formulate a plan that works for you. We use a variety of research and evidence-based methods, techniques, and strategies to help you have a brighter outlook in life. This client-based approach is a philosophy that we strive to follow every day, and it’s through this philosophy that we truly get to connect with our clients.

We believe in everyone’s abilities and potential to develop and grow despite the hardships we experience in life. Sometimes we just need that helpful nudge in order to move forward in life. Life resolutions telehealth counseling aims to give that nudge you need to have a more fulfilling life.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to read below.

Life Resolutions: Here for You

Life offers a lot of challenges that we must overcome. However, sometimes, emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression, or obstacles such as addiction or abuse can become too overwhelming for us to solve on our own.

We at Life Resolutions Essendon understand that sometimes these problems can have a profound negative effect on your life. We have a team of psychologists ready to serve and provide you with the means to cope with your situation.

Our team at Life resolutions NDIS psychologists is composed of individuals from different backgrounds, with specialties in different areas. Just as no two clients are the same, no two psychologists practice the same way. Our client-based approach allows us to tailor treatment methods and therapy strategies towards your particular issue. Therefore, we can give you that extra layer of assurance that our methods can help you manage your issues and even solve them in the long term. We only want what’s best for our clients, and that includes methods we carefully tailor to their needs.

Given that we come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and have a wide range of models and interests, this also means we always have a psychologist at hand with a style that can be a match for your needs. One thing we all have in common at Life Resolutions Essendon is the commitment to ensure that our therapy is always solution-focused. Therefore, our methods are always tailored to what we think is best for you. We also believe in the power of a good therapeutic relationship, which means we try our best to make sure our psychologists and our clients develop a good relationship as client and therapist in order to be able to tackle our client’s issues appropriately.