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Mike Ashabraner grew up poor, in the foothills of Kentucky.  He was taught the importance of a good education and work ethic, and always had a knack for bringing people together. Despite these admirable qualities, in 2010 he found himself in the tough spot many Americans have faced…bankruptcy.  He immediately reached out to a financial advisor, who quickly became a mentor, and helped him turn his life around.  He even encouraged him to leverage his own experience to become a financial coach and help others.  That business rapidly grew, and Mike found himself at the center of another major epiphany.  People were enthralled by his ‘down to earth advice’ and endearing ‘redneck’ persona.  Every day he woke up to messages from strangers who had become fast friends, expressing gratitude for his guidance and inspiration.  That’s actually how he became known as the Redneck Financial Coach.

Today, Mike serves as an unconventional advisor who helps established entrepreneurs grow their net worth through his network. His Redneck Coach title is the perfect description for his straight shootin’ strategies and down to earth advice.  He’s recognized for pioneering a lively and loyal online community called the Hounds of Business, and has created the Hound Pack Principles that give his clients immediate access to an instant community.  He’s a multi-certified financial advisor known for helping his clients fund their future and multiply their money.  And of course, he’s world famous for his camouflage cap and cool country proverbs that leave crowds calling for an encore.