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The Most Delicious Profile On SPN!

Hobbies: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – Oh and my NEW Job at PS Seasoning & Spice!

?? My Profile and 25 Facts About Me ?

The only thing I like better than talking about Food is eating it!

My profile is dedicated to all the yumminess food has to offer through creating it, making it, cooking it, eating it and sharing it! What a wonderful way to live day to day! Enjoy the journey with me!

?? 25 Facts About Me ?

1. I have 2 kids who are goofy & make me laugh all the time! ?
2. I hate ? mushrooms & can sniff them out a mile away.
3. The way people treat each other in society really gets me down.
4. I am a thrift store & antique fair addict.
5. I love music in the park, laid back parties, lavish gala’s & cookouts.
6. I like to work a lot & enjoy the feeling of being accomplished.
7. I like to give my opinion. Who doesn’t?
8. I love to walk ?‍♀️ for exercise & relaxation. It clears my head.
9. I feel I should have done more by now, but I accept where I am.
10. I truly believe in good, kind people & that they can change the world.
11. I love to be creative. I used to teach art ?️classes.
12. I used to be a night owl ?. Now I can’t stay up past 9 pm.
13. I like to be busy! Making myself relax is something I am constantly learning to do.
14. I want to enjoy the outdoors, but I love air conditioning!
15. I love moving furniture around in my house – like constantly!
16. I can’t speak on stage or in front of a crowd! I black out.?
17. I would like to learn a 2nd language.
18. I quit Facebook 3 years ago. It was 1 of the best decisions I ever made.
19. I love❣️ all the great, creative & smart people I am connected to on LinkedIn!
20. My favorite childhood memory was catching lightening bugs ? at Grandma’s house.
21. I am directionally challenged. I rely 100% on GPS or gas stations to ask for help. ?
22. I had cancer. I am now cancer free! ?
23. I am addicted to eggs. ?
24. I love endlessly scrolling through Reddit & Pinterest.
25. I am both a ? dog & ?cat person!