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Innovation & Leadership Coach – Fueled by Neuroscience // I Help Non-Traditional Leaders to Stand Out // Join my FREE Time & Productivity Masterclass! ⭐ I teach non-typical leaders (women, minorities, introverts, support functions, etc) how to Stand Out as a true leader by leading their own high impact passion project, without needing additional certifications/degrees or changing jobs.This powerful approach:🔹breaks potential biases that may be holding you back🔹strengthens your influential leadership skills🔹builds innovative muscle, a super-power for any careerI’m a “non-traditional” leader (woman, Asian, introvert, technical, look really young) who broke through in companies like Procter & Gamble and Pfizer. I now teach my 3-Step Lead Now process so professionals can demonstrate their leadership by making things happen, no matter their job, level or industry. All my tools are based in innovation or neuroscience. Email me at [email protected] for more info on:🙌 Leadership Coaching – I help passionate professionals (just like you!) gain visibility and show up as a leader within your organization through my coaching programs. 📝 Live Training & Workshops – I teach interactive workshops that empower your employees with leadership mindset and innovation tools, taking their productivity and results to the next level. 📢 Speaking – I inspire audiences to realize that leadership and innovation are accessible to anyone, enabling them to make a massive impact, no matter their job, level or industry. For more free resources, tools and advice check out my Featured section (above 👆) or my website————— // Myles Rodnick and I partner with leaders of established corporate innovation to unlock the stalled progress of new ideas by cutting through years of internal layers. We help to simplify and fuse inter-company connections to drive growth (revenue), without incremental costs. We don’t want to come in and tell you what to do, like other agencies. We want to be your thinking partner. To be an objective challenger that clarifies, breaks down barriers, and connects. You can do even more with what you already have.Curious and want to learn more? Email me at [email protected].