• Has this happened to you?

      If so, you’re not alone.

      You found the perfect federal job you wanted to apply for and thought you had enough time to submit your application.

      Time got away from you, and you returned, thinking you had made it just in time.

      And then, boom.

      The job had expired.

      How could this happen?

      Well, the agency responsible for the vacancy announcement controls the opening and closing dates of the posting.

      It’s up to them to determine how long the post will remain open.

      In some cases, the agency may choose to expire, remove, or cancel a posting before its closing date at their convenience.

      The best thing for you to do if you’re looking for a federal job is to search with the intention to apply on the same day – after tailoring your documents, of course.

      You never know when the agency will decide to expire the job posting.

      Have you found a federal job that you like and are qualified for?

      Do you need help tailoring your documents so you can apply quickly?

      Reach out to my team at @Jobready2dey. We’ve got you covered.

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      Mike O'Connor