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      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average duration of a job search is currently close to 5 months. This estimate is just that – an estimate.

      It does not spell out every job seeker’s situation. Some gain employment within days, others weeks, and a few months for a select number of people. Some job searches go on for longer than that.

      Factors that impact job search timelines include but are not limited to hiring trends, economic conditions, job seeker location, and job search strategy.

      The overall point of this post? You should remain optimistic about your job search. However, plan to search for at least a few months.

      Prepare using @Jobready2dey’s FMT formula, Financially, Mentally, and Tactically to achieve the best results.

      I suggest seeking out assistance from vetted industry professionals to help speed up the process. Why? Just as a plumber can identify the source of a leak, a career service professional can identify roadblocks in your strategy.

      My team and I at Jobready2dey are here to help you.

      What are your thoughts on the topic? Let’s talk about them in the comments section.

      Side note: If you disagree, I’m open to hearing your thoughts, too. My only ask is that you keep your comments tasteful and respectful.

      Please see the comments section for the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimations.

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