• I keep reading testimony after testimony about Plexus helping with anxiety. I love that this company is about our total health; mind and body. ❤️

    When anxiety runs high and depression feels deep, it may be an indication of dysbiosis (or an imbalance of the bacteria in your gut).

    The latest research is finding a direct link between guthealth and mental health. 95% of serotonin is produced in your GI tract (NOT your brain).

          • Consistency counts!

          • Be mindful of how you let yourself or others consume your time…

          • Feedback here and on YouTube will be greatly appreciated. I will definitely engage and subscribe back as part of the win-win networking and marketing campaign.

            The goal is to help everyone understand and help us develop the best ways to use both SPN and FYI.to. The more you share and engage here the more SPN will be able to you and your professional network.

            We only ask that you follow the Golden Rule and don’t SPAM the feeds. As adults that have been using the internet, we all know what that means.

            No gofundme scams or bogus business practices allowed. Don’t pander, badger, stalk or harm people in any way here and you’ll be able to have a GREAT FREE RESOURCE forever.

            The goal behind SPN is to create worldwide change through real networking and relationship building using the Golden Rule, Fairness, and common sense as our guides.

            Never hesitate to ask questions on my wall or feed. If I can help you in some way I will. SPN needs some success stories so lets start with you.

            @katja-gersak @schubertjc @eringraybillellis @erinkurasz @carriecastillo @dano
            @craig @craigwasilchak @kennedy657 @doylebuehler @glenridgefleet @andyvargo @rodrigomartinez @wkevinward @lorimiller @trybean @urtfc @aaronking @nikkigiamp @5dollarblingenvybyamanda @mrbiz @chrisborja1 @andyschulkind @john @jhorn

            We can’t help you, if you’re not sharing stuff in the feeds, in the groups, or in your profiles.

                    • Mike, thank you so much for the kind mention. Love your videos & all the useful information you share.
                      I learn something new from you every single day.
                      I didn’t realize about the closing preview option when posting, for example.

                      I left you my comment on YouTube, but I can’t tag anyone in the first comment, nor in my own video post. Is there any trick to tag on YouTube? Thanks. :)


                        • Hi Katja,

                          I hope you’re having a great day! I’ll respond to your comment on there soon..thank you! Yea, I am sure some people are having issues with the posting in the activity feed so I hope this video helps with that. I really don’t know anything about tagging on YouTube. I know that writing a good description and putting your links in there helps just as engagement and sharing it does. :) I am always glad to help people that practice win-win get more views and shares (backlinks). I hope you have a great night, Katja!

                            • Hi Mike,

                              Rainy Wednesday morning here in Barcelona. Very unusual, but really needed.☔
                              Thanks for your feedback. I want to bring some consistency in my posting. I’ve just started with YouTube and any advice is golden.
                              About SPN feed. I really like the idea of creating conversations, not just posting our stuff. At the end of the day is what brings a great additional value to any post.
                              All your dedication, help and basically all you do is highly appreciated.

                              I hope you have a great night! :)


                          • Great mission @Mike O’Connor!
                          • @lorimiller is the SPN member of the day. Who should we pick for tomorrow and so forth? Always feel free to suggest SPN members to highlight. We all want to work together to help build the right people up.

                            I hope you all have a great weekend and happy new year!

                            @andyvargo @craig @craigwasilchak @jamesgathuita @maryhenderson @deardanielim @theodorosioannidis @kennedy657 @tedladzinski @henrylandau @leonardgoffe @b2the7 @doylebuehler @samhurley @sammiekali @jhorn @gonavy

                            Thank you all for all your help in 2018!

                          • Mike O'Connor posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

                            Have a great day, Amy!!

                            • Mike O'Connor posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

                              Wow, that is a small image. :)

                              • @crushing-b2b Hi Craig. Thanks for the add 🙏
                                Have a nice day

                              • Should you buy or lease warehouse space for your business?

                                #CRE #warehousespace #realestate #Dallas #FortWorth #commercialrealestate #commerciallease

                              • Hello everyone! I\’m looking to make more connections on LinkedIn! I would also love some more followers on the business page. @crushing-b2b @don-williams-global @good-automation @jobready2dey https://www.linkedin.com/company/lesterandlester/

                                Post your company page in the comments below and I\’ll be glad to follow it.

                              • Sale And Leaseback: An Option For Building Owners That Need Capital… https://lnkd.in/e8SRxRw

                                #CRE #Dallas #FortWorth #RealEstate #CashFlow

                              • Look at things through your team’s point of view: To run the best business and be the best person that you can play with your heart. If you play with your heart, that’s when the magic happens.

                              • John posted an update 2 years ago ·

                                Tearing someone down will never build you up.

                                • Good Morning SPN Fam!

                                  Any job seekers looking for help with getting past the Applicant Tracking System? Check out this article hot off the press!


                                • I just wrote this article and did a YouTube Video to help explain “How to win with network marketing in SPN.” I hope it helps. :) @craigwasilchak @maryhenderson @laurakiley @doylebuehler @leonardocardillo @tedladzinski @irabowman @rodrigomartinez @azariahking @katja-gersak @bettykempa @leonardgoffe @margae @kennedy657

                                • I don’t trust people that don’t swear. @jaccilynch, @kennedy657, @ttroska lol

                                  • Mike O'Connor posted a new activity comment 1 year, 7 months ago

                                    @kennedy657 just shared this on #facebook… #greatminds

                                    • 😲😲How Fast does your Webpage Load❓ Thank you, Mike O\’Connor, for taking the time to help me learn the importance of staying on top of the website and how you can monitor where your Website is Broken. 😀👍Fixed it and improved my SEO on Google💥
                                      ✅ Look ⤵⤵ Loading in 3.4s
                                      @andyvargo @rowand @troy @dano @danielle @nisa @mandy @amandarominger @garypayne @jared-j-wiese @estherwang @ambenjamin @eriknextlevel @kennedy657 @gwdistillery @paliano @katja-gersak @bettykempa @spnlocal2017 @kennedy657 @craig @troy @irabowman @eringraybillellis @jared-j-wiese

                                      • Thats almost breaking the law. What we need is to know how slow yours was. And how fast it is now. I took a two year deal with websitebuilder com. Only problem is its one of those funky easy to build online affairs. Which I abasoultly despise but not having access to Dreamweaver anymore and having been out of the loop regarding web creators I thought it the easy option. The restrictiveness drives me up the wall. On top of that my ambitions, goals and reasons evolve faster than a weekend dedicated to building the site.

                                      • Thanks @craigwasilchak! I’ll have to go check out that website!

                                      • Nice to meet you all! I’ve known since his Dallas days like 10 years ago. He and his brother had a carpet cleaning and Mike was also doing SEO. He got me into loving tech as I do. Always been helpful.

                                    • Mike O'Connor posted a new activity comment 1 year, 10 months ago

                                      Guys, this is part of the reason by the site. However, you should write an intro that is relevant to the topic. It doesn\’t have to be long. You should practice much the same ettiquette and way here as you on LinkedIn or Twitter.

                                      Make friends, tag friends (so the get notifications in email or here), and pay it forward by engaging back on their posts too.

                                      The social media side of things is 100% here for you guys. Personally, I would drop links to YouTube videos, Blogs, or LinkedIn here comfortably without question.

                                      This activity provides at backlinks of at least a UR of 10-28, so you can get stuff you share here to index on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

                                      A good intro for this post would be: I wrote this post about the Aimviva Travel Club on LinkedIn today. A little extra engagement would please let me know how I can help you today too. @bonniedavid @doylebuehler @craigwasilchak @urtfc @samalsrore @kennedy657 @andyschulkind @samhurley @juanblanco76 @craig @irabowman @loladell @sherilally @eriknextlevel @tr08mann @warrenseed @katja-gersak and everyone else. :)

                                      Don\’t SPAM the feed or people with 82 post or messages in a row, but use the site to build your brands and network.

                                      If you guys need anything call, text, or email works best. I am always trying to make this site better for everyone. Let me know what I can do and I\’ll do what I can to make this site faster and ranking higher.

                                      The higher this site ranks in the search engines and the more terms it ranks under the better everyone will do on their ROI, so most of the changes are made to make things faster and more user-friendly.

                                      My focus has really shifted to making this site more beneficial for SPN members so I don\’t spend as much time on other social media platforms. However, post content from other social media sites in the activity feed here is a great way to get me to come visit your posts and engage.

                                      Posting images in the activity feed with a url (cancel the preview on the url so the image shows in the post, but the link will be live) in the first 140 characters of your post is a SMART WAY to get more traffic and backlinks to your stuff.

                                      I hope this helps you guys and have a great day!

                                        • Thanks Mike – that is really useful. Also appreciate the tags
                                            • I am serious about responding to the things you guys post here. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever. Ask @b2the7 or @irabowman, I go to their sites and pin images to #Pinterest, which sends it to my #Tumblr and #Twitter too.

                                              The more we all do that for each other the more SPN helps everyone in SPN. Look, I cn write about whatever and do fine. I am doing this because I want to win and I want you all to win too. Some of you guys would do really well for yourselves if your blogs always got shares on different social media platforms. The idea here is to build real win-win relationships because like @rodrigomartinez will tell you: organic reach is dead (but we fix some of that by working together).

                                            • Thank you for the mention and all this useful information, Mike. Much appreciated!!😊

                                              I’d also like to encourage everybody to join and post in the groups. We have so many great groups that would be really nice if we could post more there, myself included.

                                              Have a great day everybody!!☀


                                              • I appreciate the tag @spnlocal2017 ! I need to get back into my content production some more. I love these tips! Great stuff!
                                              • Craig Wasilchak posted a new activity comment 1 year, 11 months ago

                                                Katja I am so proud of you! I truly remember my first video I posted on LinkedIn. What a great community we have on the SPN Platform.

                                                @spnlocal2017 @samhurley @trybean @bettykempa @jbmelton @kennedy657 @schubertjc @dawnvt @andyschulkind @andyvargo

                                                • This made me laugh, until I thought about the all work that I have to do to fix what the last homeowner did. *sigh #HireProfessionals lol

                                                • Every day is an opportunity to learn something. The hard days are often the days we do the most learning.

                                                  I learned a lot over the last few weeks. It\’ll take me forever to process all the information and feelings that have been going on.

                                                  My mom and I had to put down our companion of over 11 years, Bailey. She was a sweet dog that grew old. It was a rough few months and it was definitely time to say goodbye. Bailey was an incredibly empathic and smart dog. I\’m glad she is at peace, but I\’ll miss our buddy.

                                                  The #SPN website also went down in a lot of ways do some man-made events beyond my control combined with some inexperience. Well, I have the experience now and I know more issues to look out for in the future.

                                                  Throughout all of it were close friends and family to call, help, and just be there to offer whatever support that they could.

                                                  I missed a TON of messages, notifications, and calls the last two weeks. I apologize for being so far behind or off the radar.

                                                  Unfortunately, the size and amount of network notifications at times makes it impossible for me to go back or catch up. I\’ll be trying to reach back to as many as I can. Thank you all for your patience.

                                                  On the plus side, most of the site never went down and the growth never stopped in a lot of ways. We are ranking higher and generating more organic traffic than ever.

                                                  SPN is also over 480K monthly viewers with thousands of click-throughs on Pinterest. There are good things on the horizon there.

                                                  Again, thank you all for just being good friends and being there. It\’s appreciated more than you know. Life is short and often full of tough moments, but friends and family like you guys make it so much better.

                                                  • @spnlocal2017
                                                    What a nice message, Mike.💖
                                                    I’m so sorry for your dog. I’ve lost mine few years ago and it was very tough…
                                                    It’s completely understandable that having such challenging days, you couldn’t follow up on everything. You did a tremendous work these days with the site!!!!😍👏👏 People that matter, will always stay and support you.
                                                    Every bad thing that happens is good for something if you take it as a learning experience… You are awesome person and amazing friend and I’m really happy for being part of your team.💕🏆☀
                                                  • I ran a Twitter Poll that ended on 2/10. The results, outside of Twitter were interesting. I expected more from IG and I didn’t include FB, which would have been a good option.

                                                    The ❓ was: Which social channel do you get the most engagement?

                                                    Results below 👇👇👇


                                                  • If video is your thing or you are looking for some insights around video, this is for you!

                                                    Join our guest Dan Willis along with Kyle Hetrick & Bernie Fussenegger SPN on the #Digital360Chat on Thurs, Mar 7 at 12pm ET.

                                                    📣 Topic – Utilizing video as part of your content strategy.

                                                    👉 Follow the hashtag #Digital360Chat & @Digital360Chat account on Twitter.

                                                    👉 Ask questions, engage and learn – if you haven’t been in a Twitter Chat with Dan, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!


                                                  • We often get asked why a business needs a fleet management company?

                                                    Sometimes it\’s just to relieve companies of an administrative burden. Other times it\’s because companies are unable to answer the below budgetary questions. 👇👇

                                                    👉Do we have a fleet capital in our operating budget?

                                                    👉How much do we spend on our fleet?

                                                    👉Are these expenditures increasing or decreasing?

                                                    👉Are they reasonable?

                                                    👉Who is accountable for them?

                                                    👉Can we reduce them?

                                                    👉Which ones and how?

                                                    👉Would reductions affect fleet performance or customer service?

                                                    One of the first steps in diagnosing problems with how a company manages their fleet, is to calculate their fleet replacement cycle. Find the 1st blog in our series on that here.


                                                    Follow us at GlenRidgeFleet.com and at Kingtec Refrigeration USA

                                                    #TCO #fleets #FleetManagement #automotivefleets #truckingfleets #HVACfleets Kingtec and Sub Zero

                                                  • ipiecora posted on Amy Martin‘s wall 2 years ago

                                                  • Mike O'Connor posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

                                                    Well, you certainly need our help with responses on this! You deserve every like you get on that video. I had to share it. Bravo!

                                                  • If I go into any of your LinkedIn profiles now, it won\’t necessarily show me your most recent post. It might just show me the one from a couple weeks back. So unless we share links, we\’re not always going to know with certainty which is your newest post, depending what the LinkedIn algorithm decides to hide. Right Mike? @spnlocal2017 Below is my latest post in case anyone has a chance to check it out. Thanks a bunch! :) Please share your latest link too so that we can all see it and support you also.

                                                    • Well, you certainly need our help with responses on this! You deserve every like you get on that video. I had to share it. Bravo!

                                                  • To everyone in the group, here\’s my LinkedIn page. Would be great to connect. (I also just sent out a few connection requests to those who I noticed I wasn\’t yet connected to.)

                                                  • Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    Don\’t forget to take advantage of the Google Plus SPN group while Google still has it up. There is SEO value to be had. It works very well for blogs and YouTube videos. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116804485298014976094

                                                  • Scotty Schindler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    Sometimes when we achieve our goals, they are not as shiny as we thought they would be. But that’s not the point.

                                                  • Scotty Schindler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    I believe that getting up in the middle of the night and getting extra done is perfectly normal.

                                                    There are those that work about 2000 hours a year, say 40 hours a week for about 50 weeks a year. Then there are those that do more and many of those who strive for success and those that achieve success get the extra done while others sleep.

                                                  • Doyle Buehler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    Are you ready to adapt in 2019?

                                                  • Doyle Buehler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    What a cartoon says about your digital strategy :) https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6488247866065326080

                                                  • Doyle Buehler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    What a cartoon says about your digital strategy :) https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6488247866065326080

                                                  • Doyle Buehler posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    How is everyone doing? Happy New year! Hope you have an amazing year!

                                                  • Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    Did you do something today that you\’ll be happy about tomorrow?

                                                  • Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    I was just thinking about this earlier today, so I felt like sharing it again: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhZsFqInJRX/

                                                  • Shelby Musselman posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

                                                    That was hard to watch…..the first 6 times. lol @kennedy657

                                                  • Shelby Musselman posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

                                                    Don\’t get me started on those website builders.

                                                  • Mike O'Connor posted an update 2 years ago

                                                    @russjohns is the SPN member of the day! Make sure you connect with him on every platform you use to make a solid win-win.

                                                    We are going to start really pushing the SPN member of the day and sharing content like crazy now that we have a lot of the bugs worked out. The more active you are in the feed the more we will tag and share your content……the more you grow.

                                                    @jbmelton @andyschulkind @jhorn @kennedy657 @craigwasilchak @bettykempa @samhurley @kyleocrooke @tedladzinski @mandyjahlas @loladell @shoffaccounting @lisajones post your linkedIn/instagram/blogs and youtube videos here please and thanks!

                                                  • nick posted an update in the group Music Lovers Unite 2 years ago

                                                    @spnlocal2017, you’ll love this tune.

                                                  • Warren posted an update 2 years ago

                                                  • Craig Wasilchak posted a new activity comment 2 years, 1 month ago

                                                    My website was loading at twice that speed 😬. It was also getting bad scores that were bringing it down on Googles key word searches

                                                  • Join myself and guest @MDigitalPatrick on the #Digital360Chat on Thursday, Jan 3rd at 12pm ET.

                                                    📣 Topic – Reach, Retain & Re-engage customers with Native Apps

                                                    👉 Thursday, Jan 3rd @ 12pm (Noon) ET!
                                                    👉 Follow the hashtag #Digital360Chat on Twitter


                                                    Hope you see you then.

                                                    #Digitl360Chat #WinWin #projecthelpyougrow

                                                  • I do know the feeling

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