• Katja Geršak Hernandez posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago ·

    Thanks for the mention, @craigwasilchak.
    I agree about the limits. Most of the times we are setting us the biggest obstacles ourselves…
    How to overcome this? Realizing that this is happening is the first step I think. It’s not easy to overcome your own fears of failure, rejection, etc. But with a lot of self reflection and some exercises it’s possible…
    I’m implementing a better time management plan this week…:)
    Happy Sunday!!:)

          • How is your time-management plan coming along?
            • Hi Craig. Nice hearing from you. :)
              I have my ups and downs with my schedule, trying to combine all my tasks as much as I can.
              I’ve got a lot of new responsibilities at work and that means that I have a lot less time for my hobbies.
              At the moment my time for social media is very limited. As a temporary solution, I decided to give a priority to respond and engage with other people’s content rather than publishing my own…
              I hope you have a wonderful day!☀️

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