• Passive Income 101: The Truth About Passive Income (Explained with Movies & TV shows)

  • 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Costing You Clients & Customers


  • Top 10 Ways To Make Passive Income Online

  • Traits of Self-Made Millionaires: 5 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Don’t

  • Traits of Self-Made Millionaires: 5 Things Rich People Do That Poor People Don’t

  • Replying to spam emails.

    Ever wondered what would happen if you replied to a scam email? I tested it out…

  • Video content is how you and your business will win in 2020, but you need to make more of it. Here’s how to make daily videos (even when you’re busy)…

  • Excited to share this with you guys. #passiveincome

  • It’s here! And I’ve never been more glad to hit ‘publish’ on a video.

    Partly because I’m excited to share this with you all, as it literally explains 10 different ways anyone can make serious money online.

    Partly because it took forever to make and I’m glad it’s now done! ūüėā

    I really hope you enjoy and find it useful.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    #passiveincome #makemoneyonline #money #wealth #video

  • Top 10 Ways To Make Passive Income Online

  • #passiveincome #money #wealth

  • If you only ever watch one of my videos, please make it this one.

    In 6 minutes this video explains why I so strongly believe anyone can become rich. It’s a simple concept but something we’re never taught at school.

    At some point you‚Äôve probably seen an ad online telling you how you can get rich with ‚Äėpassive income‚Äô. This just means money you earn whilst not doing any work. But that sounds like a scam right? (Often it is). Hopefully this video explains it all.

    And it’s not just me rambling on camera, it’s explained with some film clips and shows you’ll recognise.

    If after watching you want more in-depth information on the subject, please just subscribe to my channel on YouTube!


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  • We all want to grow fast on YouTube, right?
    Here’s the top 10 growth hacking strategies from Evan Carmichael (2 million+ subscribers on youtube)

    • Evan Carmichael DJs clips from the world’s top performers into awesome top 10 montages.

      But I’m pulling an ‘Evan Carmichael’ on Evan Carmichael…

      I’ve compiled his top 10 most powerful YouTube strategies into one simple video. And for context, Evan has over 2 million subscribers, one of the highest totals in the entire niche.

      If you want to grow a youtube channel or are considering starting one, this video contains so much information I WISH I’d known much much sooner…

      I honestly haven’t heard people talking about these kind of youtube hacks…

      (And congrats on hitting 2m subscribers Evan!)

      #believenation #evancarmichael #youtube #youtuber #youtubetips #youtubevideo #videomarketing #videos

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      Let me know your biggest takeaway from this. :) Thanks!

      • Hey guys, was wondering your thoughts on goal setting?
        I definitely believe having goals is very important, but I’ve noticed that there are several things wrong about the way we normally set goals…
        Here’s 5 things wrong with 99% of people’s goals, and the surprising solution to fix them!

        #success #goals #goalsetting #lifegoals

      • John Frazer posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

        Thanks very much Andy, really appreciate that! Hope everything is going well with you!

        • Hey SPN! Would you like to be more focused and get more done? (Of course, right?)
          Here are the strategies that will actually work, so you can do your most productive work yet.

            • Great video John- Thanks for the tips. I was using a couple of these already but found some great new ideas and reminders of habits I need to get back into- Thanks for sharing!

          • Since we’re all trying to grow on YouTube, hopefully this will be helpful for you. This is a full podcast for anyone interested in the process of growing on Youtube. It’s all the things I learned the hard way that you can now learn the easy way. Literally 100 actionable strategies, tips and tactics! Enjoy!

          • If you like Bojack Horseman, this video combines important life and business lessons with this great Netflix show… Let me know your thoughts! :) #selfimprovement #money

          • Hey legends, trying to grow my new youtube channel with regular content, and wanted to share a video with you all that allowed me to save a lot of money very quickly. Hopefully it can you or someone you know too. Thanks a lot! This community is great!

          • What would you do with an extra 5k?

            Here’s 15 ways of saving that extra money quickly, including some weird hacks where you can get the same items for less!

            #saving #savings #money

          • How to get up at 6am or earlier every day, guaranteed!

          • The truth about university‚Ķ

            • Best TV Shows for ambitious success-driven people and entrepreneurs…

            • Excited to be a part of this community – looks great!

              Would love to connect with anyone else running a business / self-development youtube channel.

              The aim with my channel is to sort through all the overwhelming amount of info out there, and summarise the tactics and strategies that work best, hopefully in a unique and engaging way.

              https://youtube.com/youngmagnates – hope to see you there so we can chat further! :)

              • Do you like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

                It’s a show about terrible people, yet what if I told you we could all learn something from The Gang about making more money…

                Hear me out…

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