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John Woodward is a Marine Veteran who served for over 20 years in the Fleet Marine Forces, and the Joint Staff and was surrounded by great Marines throughout his tours including Col Jerry Marvel, Col Karl Smith, “Drano”, “GunSlinger”, Jack Parks, Stan Czubai, JB Knotts, LB McHenry, F E Sisley, M P Downs, MGySgt Qualkinbush, MGySgt D McClure, SgtMaj Mobley, Jim O’Donnell, Col Fox, Doug Black, GySgt Clark, Col Riley, Col Agenbroad, Carol Mutter, Gen Carl Munday, Gen A Gray, Dan O’Donnell, Frank Burgess, and so many many more Great Marines….. too many to mention. He also spent about 20 years working as a defense contractor and currently provides consulting services. “Just another average Marine trying to do Above Average work….”

Lets connect on LinkedIn too: https://www.linkedin.com/in/????????-john-woodward-usmc-vet-????????-3b236914/