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About Me

Properly navigating the journey of job searching could be a pain. Applicant Tracking System this, tailor your resume that, prepare for the interview here, ponder over your career direction there; just so much at one time! Why go at it alone when you can learn from those who eat, breathe, and sleep career readiness? Yup, I ate it for breakfast this morning and for dinner last night; even dreamed about it! :)

As a Career Readiness Specialist and the Owner of Jobready2dey℠, I help you to take the guess work out of the process involved with becoming “Job Ready Today”! I’ve implemented a process at Jobready2dey labeled as our “Secret Sauce” which has proven to help clients achieve their goals upon proper application. I never make any vague guarantees like promising you the world and the Sun. You must put in work if you want to succeed!

We offer the following services to individual and business clients: Professional and Federal Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Career Coaching, Career Training and Development, and more!I am also passionate about assisting Jobseekers who are struggling financially, as I’ve been in this position a few times! Check out what Jobready2dey does each week to see how we can help you!

Contact Kurtis for:

Corporate Training – Focused on empowering organizations with methods to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Public Speaking – Inspiring small and large audiences to put barriers and fears behind them and achieve goals one step at a time.

Group Coaching / Training – Coaching clients on resume and interview prep strategies to properly navigate and land the position of choice, embracing technology to survive in today’s workforce, and committing to applying the skills learned within productivity tools to increase earning potential.

Individual Training & Consultations – Assisting individuals with finding their next opportunity in the Private Sector or Federal Government via resume writing, interview prep, and career coaching.

Visit our website at http://www.jobready2dey.com!

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