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      Performing research on companies prior to applying to open positions is part of an effective job search strategy.

      To gain a more comprehensive perspective on the companies you’re researching, both outsider and insider viewpoints matter. Please follow along as we provide a brief how-to session on gaining these insights.

      When you visit a company’s website, you’ll get an “outsider looking in” perspective. That means, you’ll see the official presentation of the company’s culture, values, and goals.

      However, an insider’s perspective, boots on the ground if you will, gives you ‘more’ to the company’s story. That’s where utilizing sources, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Zippia comes in handy. The reviews section, on a company’s page listed on these websites, will do the job.

      In addition to the above, each website includes other tidbits of information, for instance, an overview of the company and salary data provided to them from inside sources.

      Taking the time to visit all three websites is beneficial because you’ll get more data and viewpoints.

      Pondering over these viewpoints along with contemplating on the company’s official presentation of their culture, values, and goals can give you a more comprehensive perspective from which you can make an informed decision.

      In case you’re thinking, “in the time it takes to do research, I could have another application done”, consider the downsides of foregoing research. Are you willing to risk it?”

      If you need assistance with developing an effective job search strategy that includes avoiding potential pitfalls, reach out to us.

      We’ve got you covered.

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