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Jessie Lizak






Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area

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Head of Marketing at BDEX, an Inc. 5000 company. First-party data enthusiast embracing the cookieless ? future through data-driven marketing, social media, keeping it simple, collaborating and being an optimist.
Talks about #data, #marketing, #cookielessfuture, #ethicalmarketing, and #advertisingandmarketing

Result-driven, goal-oriented and senior management executive with solid track record of providing leadership and strategic direction to drive revenue. Developing and leading growth strategy, sales, and marketing and distribution positioning companies to improve brand awareness, visibility and open new markets.

Growing and building audiences and connecting people through marketing, sales and data analytics for 10+ years in multiple industries including B2B SaaS companies, not-profits, local governments, labor and political campaigns.

Digital marketing and CRM database management along side business text messaging, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, a/b testing, and SEO/SEM have been a focus of my experience.

Demonstrated success building and managing sales & marketing organizations, shaping the sales tools and processes needed to deliver top performance, and motivating sales team to exceed revenue targets.

Game-changing leader with repeated success spearheading the turnaround of potential failures into successes, reengineering sales and marketing operations for optimal results, and spanning operations optimization, performance assessment, cross-functional team leadership and collaboration, issue resolution, client management, regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Strong analytical skills allowed me to demonstrate my ability to turn data into useful, strategic insights for organizations. This, along with my communication skills has allowed me to succeed in many positions.

If you treat people as you want to be treated and do what’s right, you will always find success. It’s profitable to do what’s right in business.

At the end of the day, I’m not afraid to pick up the phone and connect with people and that’s been the heart of my success.